Operation Hughes' Troop

Operation Hughes' Troop

From Crystal Mills

I'm raising money for a cause I care about, but I need your help to reach my goal! Please become a supporter to follow my progress and share with your friends.

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About Operation Hughes' Troop

I heard of Dustin Hughes, a huge inspirational young man and father of 3 little boys, that has recently been diagnosed with brain cancer (stage 4 Glioblastoma Multiforme), through a friend of his who introduced me to his Hughes' Troop support page on FB. Having never met Dustin, I didn't think much of him or his situation until a few weeks later when God told me to ask him something extremely personal... which confused me... but if God tells me to do something, I've learned to just do it! So... I sat down at my computer, and just as God told me to.. I asked Dustin what he wants to do before he dies. I was afraid that I'd offended him, because he didn't write me back, so about a week later I prayed that God would come to me in my dreams and give me visions of what He wants me to do in my life, something I've asked many times before and never received anything.. and that night I dreamed that I woke up to a message from Dustin telling me all of the things he had on his bucket list, and that I helped him cross them off. And the next morning, that's exactly what happened. I woke up and hopped onto our computer, and waiting for me was a message from Dustin, all of this time later. In it he told me his dream of taking his oldest son paint balling, taking all three of his boys on the OHSU air tram in Portland, and his biggest dream of all... to take them to Disneyland one last time, before his health deteriorates and he can no longer walk the parks with them or ride the rides. My heart was broken, and God told me to get to work and make this happen for him and his children, to give them all hope to keep fighting. Dustin has no idea, and we have still never met, but he is going to go paint balling with his oldest boy, they are going to ride the tram in Portland together, and one way or another... they're not just going to Disneyland, they're going to Disney World! I'm also trying to fundraise enough money to accomplish one of Dustin's ultimate goals, to start a charitable foundation to help those who have been diagnosed with I'm working like a mad woman to come up with fund raising ideas after looking into how much the trip to Disney World is going to cost them. I'm extremely intimidated by this, I have no idea how I'm going to raise that money, but I know that God will see it through. I just have to do the possible, and then God will step in and do the impossible! So I'm coming to you looking for hope, any offerings and/or ideas that you can accept in Dustin's honor to put toward doing God's will and making this miracle happen, or any fund raising ideas that you may have up your sleeve that you can share with me... at this point I'm accepting anything and everything, because every penny counts! I'm starting off with nothing, no idea of where to even start, but the longer I put this off the harder I feel God telling me to get on it. I'M ON MY KNEES, ASKING FOR YOUR HELP IN RAISING THIS MONEY! Thank you so much, I appreciate your time more than you know ♥ 


Crystal Mills

Donating by Other Methods

If you would like to donate, but prefer not to do so by the credit card option privided through this page, we will gratefully accept check, money orders, or cash. 

All offerings can be made to Crystal Mills, and mailed to:

Operation Hughes' Troop

2312 NE 102nd Ave

Vancouver, WA 98864


Once the money has been received, I will add your name and donation to this page so that you know every cent has gone toward the amazing miracle you're helping bring to life! 


I can't thank you enough times, or stress how  you are not only helping Dustin's life, but changing my own.



My heart goes out to each and every single one of you for every prayer, donation, kind thought, and for just being such a huge part in this. NONE OF THIS WOULD HAVE HAPPENED WITHOUT YOU, no matter what role you played. 

You are amazing, and I only wish I had something to give to all of you to share my sincere gratitude... for now I'm jumping for joy like a 5 year old! 

I have to admit I didn't think that this would work. It was a huge step out of my comfort zone to not only ask Dustin what he wants to do before he dies, bringing something so sensitive up to a stranger in such a fragile state, but also to ask people that I didn't know to step out on a ledge and give their hard-earned money to a cause that some of you may not have been connected to until now. How do I repay every single one of you for making this miracle happen? 

Fundly.com has been SO wonderful, and personally reached out and shared this story throughout their company. They made a personal telephone call to me to let me know that they have been touched by this story and all of our effort to help Dustin, and I have nothing but LOVE for Fundly and all of the things they have made happen since then. They got the word out to different news stations and have helped to bring this story public, and bring in more donations for these wonderful boys. THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU.

Even though we have reached the $10,000 goal, we are still receiving donations! SERIOUSLY? YOU GUYS ARE BEYOND INCREDIBLE. The money WILL officially be sending these boys to Disneyland, but that's not all. Dustin had also shared a wish that he thought would be the hardest to accomplish, which is to start a charity for glioblastoma multiforme cancer, the cancer that he is winning the fight against, and help others do the same.

We are going to make this happen. 

I cannot imagine the amount of debt this has put Dustin's world into, not only is he fighting the battle of a lifetime but he is raising 3 beautiful boys, working when he can to put bread on the table and pay the bills, and so many other things. Knowing all of this has brought the next goal to mind: not only are the exceeding donations going to go toward starting this incredible charity, but money will also be put toward paying off Dustin's medical expenses and, if at all possible, go toward his son's college funds. 


Nothing is impossible, YOU have taught me this. Miracles DO come true, and when God calls something to happen it HAPPENS. Thank you for being a part of this blessing, and this journey to helping Dustin create memories of a lifetime with his boys. You're changing lives forever, including my own.


All of my love,

Crystal Mills

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