Operation: Competition for our Congress and Media

Operation: Competition for our Congress and Media

From Libertarian Progressive

"A Shot Heard Round the World" - Help us spread the word and Macro-Advertise our (on the ballot, independent and third party) candidate interviews - to educate and inform voters of more of their options.

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Our Goal for this campaign is $100,000 for High Impact Advertising - the more raised, the more reached.

We believe that the lack of genuine competition leads to corruption; all first world countries (except the United States of America) have at least 4 major competitive political parties - many other 1st world countries also have a better environment for entrepreneurship, universal healthcare w/ longer lifespans at a lower cost that doesn't bankrupt people, a higher education standard, lower crime, higher wages and less debt - could this be due to politicians not taking people for granted because of competition.

Imagine if We the People elected even one independent or third party representative to Congress in each of the 50 states.  If that goal is seen as a national movement, perhaps it might make it easier for independent and third party candidates running, as they could ~ ride the wave that would send shock waves through the corrupt and stale status quo that has got to go.

The first step is to educate and inform people (a majority whom identify themselves as independents in a two-party system) of more of their options.

In 2016 - we interviewed 48 on the ballot, independent and third party candidates running for the U.S. House & Senate from a full spectrum of American politics (to our knowledge this is the most independent and third party candidate interviews conducted by one organization in an election season). See them all at LibertarianProgressive.com

Our most recent candidate interview : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4PlB-IlxmAI&t

We exclusively try to conduct interviews where the candidate is the only 3rd option (and will continue to do so to build consensus).

We are not telling people who to vote for, rather, we are asking questions and presenting news about options, endorsing . . . a fair system.

Our goal in interviewing 50+ candidates every 2 year election cycle (mainly, but not exclusively, for Congress) is to reach a large audience - helping to impart awareness regarding all the public's options and to build consensus on that idea.

Many people do not know about the (on the ballot) good candidates running in their area nor have they seen our interviews - that is why we are having this crowdfund campaign - so we can advertise, and to improve the presentation quality.

We believe if a candidate is on the ballot or has a statistical chance to win then a responsible press will include them in the debates and interview them, to educate and inform the public of their options.  Our philosophy is : fair, honest, open competition and dialogue.

LibertarianProgressive.com interviews mostly independent and 3rd party candidates who are on the ballot (Green Party, independents, Libertarians, No Party Affiliation and other parties).

Communicating w/ people regarding Congress is a lot less divisive then Presidential politics.


I have heard people say "I never heard of any other candidates running in my area from the media" until AFTER the election - let's change that ASAP :


TONs of them - (YouTube, the internet, newspapers/publications & radio).  It doesn't do too much good offering news about options if no-one is aware they exist.  We can reach many Millions of people, resulting in - questioning the status quo, it will open hearts and minds creating new neural networks to newly discovered possibilities and encourage thinking outside the box, it will build the foundation for press who don't ignore (on the ballot) independent and third party candidates with Who, what, when, where & WHY type questions adding competition to the news that will also push traditional media to do the same.

** ENVISION a flood of strategic ads in popular venues that are thought provoking, intelligent and will show 50+ well qualified candidates, nicely presented along w/ resources to research more.  There is a vacuum right now regarding this information.

** ENVISION seeing ads in various media asking

1. Do you know All your options this year for Congress

2. Have you considered voting for an independent or third party candidate for Congress?  Would you if they were highly qualified and on the ballot?

3. Have you researched All of the candidates in your local elections yet before you vote this November, are you ready to make a fully informed decision that will affect your and your loved ones lives - do you know where to look? 

4. Would you like to participate in making the environment in America better for small & mid-sized businesses?  And contribute to making a more peaceful and prosperous world?  Now and easy to do?

5. Are you opposed to living during a new Renaissance? 

6. Why doesn't the media usually cover independent and third party candidates who earned being on the ballot?  What are they trying to hide and why?

7. Do you know which issues have wide consensus and have for a long time that unite most everyone; however, are never addressed by most of our politicians? 

8. Does fair competition result in better options?  Would more competition in politics result in more representatives being more representative?  Did you know almost all other "first world" countries have at least 4 major political parties? 

9. Does Congress exist to represent and serve the people, or do we the people serve Congress?

10. Does How the Game is Played Matter?

11. POLL : Would you like to see a brand new Congress?

  a) Yes - you could pick random people from the phone book & they'd probably much better represent us

  b) No - I like the status quo and I feel adequately represented

  c) I don't know

  d) None of the Above

12. And etc. - above are just some examples

* Currently, overwhelmingly, almost all political ads are silly and politicians say anything to win, nor are properly vetted by the press.

** Now ENVISION a flood of strategic ads in popular venues that are thought provoking, intelligent and will show them 50+ qualified candidates, well presented along w/ resources to research more.  There is a vacuum regarding this information right now.


LibertarianProgressive is independent and 100% funded & supported by viewers like you.

If you like these ideas and would like this message imparted to a much larger audience, help spread the word and consider contributing by spreading the word, sharing the links and being a patron, that is appreciated & thank you.

We ask that you please contribute as much, and as soon as you can, to make the most impact and help us plan etc. - however, any amount at any time will help and is appreciated.

We would like to have a steady and growing campaign of advertising ASAP.

***** CONSIDER THIS *****

What is LibertarianProgressiveWhat is consensus?

There are about 325 million people in the USA.

There are about 219 million people eligible to vote and about 200 million registered to vote (and about half that who usually cast a vote). .

41% are independent

29% are Democrats

29% are Republicans

<1% are special interests

Who do you think has the most influence?

If there were 10 issues - important to you, and 5 had popular consensus and 5 didn't, which 5 do you prioritize?

LibertarianProgressive is promoting : uniting and winning, instead of being divided & conquered.

There will be plenty of time to argue about things that we disagree on AFTER we pass legislation for important things we agree upon :

1. Accountability & Transparency reforms : freedom of information, integrity safeguards, checks and balances, auditing our government.

2. Civil Liberty Rights : privacy vs. spying, preserving our Bill of Rights & due process.

3. Cronyism reforms : conflicting interests, no bid contracts, bailouts, the revolving door.

4. Military reforms : mission creep, regime change foreign policy, Congressional approval & oversight.

5. Reform the justice system : end the Drug War, asset forfeiture, private prisons, quotas, mandatory minimums, racial profiling, militarization of police; have body cameras, independent internal affairs.

6. Election reform : open primaries, Election Day holiday, fair debates, rank or score voting, none of the above option, a paper trail.

There are 435 members in the US House of Representatives, elected every 2 years; it was designed that way on purpose - to be the least resistant, most peaceful and quickest path to reform, in our democratically elected Republic.


Thank you very much for your support - please visit http://libertarianprogressive.com to see our interviews and for more information about us and / or to contact us with ideas etc.  Please feel free to watch, save and distribute our videos etc.  We make make our material : creative commons (i.e. copyright free).

We realize probably not everyone is always able to contribute money; however, if you contribute by spreading the word, sharing the interviews, sharing the links, asking other media to interview these candidates also, & etc. that is truly appreciated & thank you.

LibertarianProgressive.com - also has a product & support page, and an Amazon affiliate link - https://www.amazon.com/?tag=tgmcs-20

Does competition matter?

The fundamental question is Not : whether one should vote for independent or 3rd party candidates - Rather : WHY? DO REPUBLICANS & DEMOCRATS REPRESS EQUAL COMPETITION IN DEBATES AND ELECTIONS? Who are they disallowing? (ask yourself this) because if they do that to Them - they ARE doing it to You and to all of Us - we ARE the independents and 3rd party's; as more people realize this (and the consequences thereof) there will be more questions, options, relevant information and choices.

Is WHAT matters : HOW the game is played?

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