Operation Save Tomo The Cat!

Operation Save Tomo The Cat!

From Lilith Marie Brasil

I’m raising money to save my 4 year old Maine Coon Otomo, Tomo for short. He has an un-dissolvable bladder stone that will require surgery. He’s my baby boi and a one person cat who will not do well with being re-homed.

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I adopted Otomo from the Nevada Humane Society in February of 2016. He was the cutest, fluffiest, little soot sprite with big yellow eyes. He was the size of a normal kitten with no indication of what breed he is. Little did I know that he would be the biggest cat I’ve ever had. He kept getting bigger and fluffier each month until he was about 1 and 1/2 years old. His 10-mile long tail was twice his length almost up until he was finished growing.

He’s an affectionate, finicky, and skittish cat. He lays between my arms when I’m at my computer and he sits in front of the tv when I’m gaming. He’s quite fond of watching the horse’s tail in Skyrim. He’s super sneaky around the house almost never being in the same room as my wife or roommate. String toys are his favorite and he oddly wont eat treats or wet food.

He’s a lot more sensitive than other cats I’ve known. If there’s any stress or tension in the house, he hides. When we’re alone, he follows me from room to room, keeping an almost in reach distance while begging for petting. Of the 4 other people I’ve lived with in his lifetime, he has only ever bonded to me. His favorite human food is French fries. He will even brave being in the same room as the roommate to obtain them. The sneaky bugger will eat any plant in the house and thus, we have none.

My heart is breaking knowing that he’s in pain and I fall apart thinking I have to give him up. He has separation anxiety and runs when someone is at the door. If we have guests over, he does not come out from under the bed in my closed room. I honestly believe he will not transition well into a new home and will never trust again.

You stare into the void and the void stares back and occasionally, he meows.

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