Operation: Rescue Liru

Operation: Rescue Liru

From Tyvenna Napper

I'm raising money to help fund the surgery amputation for my 1 year old Chihuahua-mix named Liru after she was hit by a speeding car and severely injured. The femur bone in her right leg and her hip are broken.

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My dogs name is Liru, and just a few hours ago, she was hit by a speeding car in the neighborhood after she was let outside to pee...

I've only just discovered that this website exists and I'm going to take full advantage of this opportunity by any means necessary. On February 11th, around 6pm this afternoon, my first and only dog (a 1 year old Chihuahua-mix) and cherished member of my family was hit by a car and severely injured. I remember being told that female dogs are much more difficult and hardheaded than male dogs, and though I cannot say for sure that that opinion is true, I will say that Liru has been quite the handful since adopting her from the shelter. She was a previous stray picked up by animal control and had been in the animal shelter for a month (or longer) which is surprising given how popular dogs of her breed are (and I assume it is because anyone interested in adopting her grew immediately disinterested when they found out she was female). Still, upon seeing her in that dirty cage I knew that she was the dog for me; the one I wanted to save from some unknown fate. I needed her as much as I like to think she needed me. 

The picture above was taken today after I had driven her to an emergency veterinarian clinic close to home. Please believe me when I say that it was the most unbearable and heartbreaking ride of my life.  I blame myself for believing that I could let her outside without my watchful eye; honestly, I should've known better. I'm still in the midst of training her and though she follows my every step inside the house, when I let her outside, she turns into a completely different dog. 

I still live with my parents and they know everything that's happened thus far but I wouldn't dream of asking them for another penny because, let's face it, we're a low income household and they've already given me more than I could ever ask for the best way they know how, the only way they can. We barely have enough to support ourselves but I had just enough saved up that I could take care of my Liru because I knew full well before adopting her that it was my responsibility as her owner - her parent - to be able to financially care for her (food, toys, medicine, etc.), but this...this was a blow. 

Long story cut (somewhat) short: her femur bone is completely broken along with her hip. 

The doctors at the animal clinic recommended that Liru have her leg amputated because any other form of medical attention would be too costly (other forms such as repairing the bone with more invasive surgical methods). 

If you've cared to read this far, I sincerely thank you. Truly, thank you. Any amount helps. It will all go towards her recovery and whatever medications she may need to accommodate her during this process. From what the doctors have told me, because Liru is so young, the healing process will be swift and easy compared to older dogs and the time it would take her to grow used to walking with three legs is cut in half, too. 

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