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Hello, my name is Juanita. In 2015 I was unsuspectingly diagnosed with Metastatic Breast Cancer stage my surprise i had to replace my t2 in my back before I got paralized my t2 waz cancered and had to be moved.

30 days later I have the surgery andhttp:// was recovering well i was out of the hospital in 5 days. Weeks later my Surgeon upon keeping my appointments to watch how im healing decides its time to remove my staples, so the MA does as told my sis which was than and is now my caregiver notices im bleeding where the stitches are being removed and tells them they say i will be fine.. I go home.and take a nap i wake up soak and wet on my back and my sis lifts me and im full of pus 7 huge bath towels full of pus. She calls my surgeon they send me to er which by than a hole in my back has gotten as big as a quarter they take a sample and admit me 40 plus days later and 6 surgeries i wake up they finally found a antibiotic that will work on the infection only they cant close my back i need plastic surgery to close it..

I than finally am awake to my surprise i cant move, not my hands not my legs not my body im stuck in.bed almost paralized so i get sent to rehab. 2 weeks there and I still cant even pick up my foot an inch from the ground cant comb my hair im in a body neck brace for 3 months so my sis asks to take me home to help me more intensly. She has to order a wheelchair ramp to get me into my house.

Were are thinking we need to start chemo radiation asap but to our surprise im refused because i wasnt strong enough. So here we go home crying thinking now what?  Our family donates treadmills 2 and excercise bike 1 amd my sis has me sitting in my wheel chair doing leg exercise hand exercise within a couple of weeks they accept me for radiation she takes me in the snow faithfully everyday and it dont work now i need chemo but im not strong enough again back we go to work out i walk in the chemo.building office 2 weeks later with my sis behind me in a wheelchair.

Now the cancer fight starts i been doing chemo every week for months? Now i do it every 3 weeks for life. The cancer has gone to my liver, my pancreas, and now my brain i have had 55 laser radiation treatments to my brian and im still here and fighting.  

I know with through the Grace of God is the only reason why im still here today and this is why I have a gofundme now. i dont want to leave my sis and family with my bills after all she been through taking care of me today i am 100% disabled no thanks to the 16 inch rods situation in my back.i believe if that not happen i would to move around like any other.....thank you for listening i feel better already. God Bless and if you donate thank you from the.bottom of my heart

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