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We are raising money to sponsor an online school and media campaign to help people from disadvantaged backgrounds. Main objective is to create an educational portal online that will provide free educational materials.

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COVID-19 causes unprecedented educational disruption: Is there a road towards a new normal?


COVID-19 confronts the education system with a new and massive crisis. What should a “new normal” look like for future generations? How can countries use the innovativeness of the recovery period to “build back better”? 

Setting up an online educational portal that will provide free educational materials to disadvantaged people.


The funds will be used to setup an educational portal sponsored by talentlms.com. The funds will be used to pay talentlms.com to provide the platform.

The cloud learning platform  will be ideal for creating online courses and sharing them with remote teams. We have already setup a page @ https://3geesuniversity.talentlms.com.

However, the funds will be used to pay for the following:

1.setting up and funding the educational portal

2.paying for administrative cost

3.paying talentlms.com $529 /  billed monthly for using their platform

4.pay for educational instructors via zoom in one on one conferencing between instructors and students

5.pay for software engineers and maintenance cost

6.pay educators to create educational content via YouTube

7.pay for security software to protect platform

Furthermore, Our advisory board believes that providing students with the most up-to-date educational materials will help improve test scores and encourage more kids to pursue tech-related educations.” 

Our main objective  will endeavor to match needs with free and secure solutions, to provide digital tools and learning management solutions, to upload national digitized educational resources, to curate resources for distance learning, and to strengthen technical expertise. Support to systemic education reform, in particular through effective guidelines and careful plans for reopening, will be equally crucial to ensure that when children do return to school, schools can adapt their classrooms and methods to provide the necessary safe environments for learners.

Helping them find  free educational materials that will help them educate themselves.

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The sponsorship we do receive does not cover the cost of providing a quality   education so we depend on outside support.

**Educational Platform  > Online Training with TalentLMS

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