Online dating sites: which one to choose?

Online dating sites: which one to choose?

From Syed Kashif Ali

If you have never tried an online dating site or have not been satisfied by your experience, read the advice of online dating experts:

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If you have never tried an online dating site or have not been satisfied by your experience, read the advice of online dating experts: you can find the one that best suits your needs (and maybe even love!) The advent of apps and social networks has inaugurated a new way of socializing and interacting with others: through the apps and online dating sites, in fact, the possibility has been born to meet new people by exploiting the potential of the network. Who are the "dater"? The "dater" are the singles who know each other, meet and meet thanks to the online world, a network that would allow you to organize an average appointment per minute . However, if on the one hand this new method of socialization, which has been growing steadily since 2000, has facilitated the possibility of making new acquaintances, on the other hand it has not made life easier for singles and those who are looking for a soul mate, considering also the fact that dating sites are used not only to search for love, but also to betray: a search by the Global Web Index has revealed that 30% of Tinder members are married, while 12% are in a relationship. - What is your age range? Online dating sites are not all the same. There are some more suitable for certain age groups and others less so. The average age of the users of a dating site is a figure not immediately available, but that can be guessed by language and style. The most colorful and youthful portals are usually aimed at young and very young people and are aimed at an audience under 30. Dating portals targeting 30-40 year olds usually have less vibrant colors and cleaner designs. Going up with the age of the typical user, we finally find sites where text and reading are the main means of communication. The most direct "empirical" method to understand how many members are in the age group that interests us is to set a maximum and minimum age among our search filters for the people we would like to get in touch with, and simply see how many results we get. - What kind of relationship are you looking for? In many cases, it is possible to understand what are the types of relationships that could be found on the site before registering: in fact, new users are usually subjected to chats or games for the compilation of tests on habits that generate affinity percentages. - What tools are made available to interact with other users? The tools available to connect users are different and not all dating sites choose to take advantage of all the available features. They range from matching systems (filters and advice on people to contact), to the compilation of tests, up to the possibility of exchanging private messages, also through an application: from this type of interaction onwards payment of a subscription begins which can be more or less expensive depending on the chosen channel. - How much does it cost to sign up for an online dating site? The price is not information usually available at first on a dating site. All users can find out by themselves when they access the main page of the site. For beginners, it is recommended to use dating sites free.

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