One step at a time KE

One step at a time KE

From Hafsa Abdul-Hamid

I’ve created this page in efforts to raise money to support my family who are building a mosque in Mambrui a village which is located in Malindi, Kenya. We have already began the building process on the 02/04/2018

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As I’m sure many of you are aware of misfortunate experience with Gofundme and I’d love to give you all an explanation but I’m still being ignored by their customer service team. However I have accepted it as a test from Allah and I won’t let it dishearten my efforts. 

‘Success is the ability to move from one failure without loss of enthusiasm’ with that being said I’m very grateful for your kind and supportive messages because I was close to giving up but seeing how many people were relying on me, strengthened my strive and made me want it more 

Who am I? 

My name is Hafsa, I was born in Kenya, raised in England and I currently live in Manchester

What I plan to do? 

My family and I are already in the process of building a mosque inshallah it will have the capacity to hold 400 people. The main beneficiary who is my uncle Said Ali Shariff is the man with the plan, he is the organiser, the planner, he will be watching over the construction side of things and also the mosque will be located steps away from his family home. 

‘The one who participates in or contributes to building a mosque will have a reward commensurate with his contribution’. Efforts to build a mosque for the sake of Allah, like a sparrows nest, or even smaller, Allah will build for him a house in paradise’ As narrated by Ibn Maajah. 

What the money will be used for? 

The money will be used to help fund: Construction workers, building tools, cement, water tanks, manual labouring, speakers, tannoys, Quran, paint and carpets.. etc 

Whether the money will be used to buy a brick or pay the man who lays the brick down, your contribution and intentions will be rewarded inshallah 

What I am asking of you? 

I’m simply asking for you to help and support your extended Muslim family, any small effort is considered a blessing such as sharing the page and getting the word out. 

Why help build a mosque? 

Faith brings hope, hope that today will be better than tomorrow. How many times could you not rely on nothing else other than god? Perhaps we don’t all believe in the same god certainly we all believe that freely expressing our spiritual and religious beliefs is a human right and it is crucial to meet people’s need in order to address the nowadays social conflicts. Donating, even if it is just a little you will not just be changing this persons life but contributing to a better world! 

I will be accepting donations directly to my account, as this page is in dollars and the exchange rate will be a funny figure so if you could just transfer and reference it as: DONATIONS 

NAME: Hafsa Abdul-Hamid ACCOUNT NO: 10217108 SORT CODE: 162424 

You can also send payments via PayPal just click on the link and select the amount you wish to donate free of charge:

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