One paycheck/setback away...

One paycheck/setback away...

From Rick Keeling

Hello. My name is Rick Keeling Many middleclass citizens are one paycheck/setback away from our lives becoming severely altered. It is then that we must put pride aside and reach up for a lending hand and also begi...

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Hello. I'm here. Reaching out for assistance was placed before me some time ago. My time to put pride aside, and humbly ask for assistance. It’s not an easy task. Times have changed. It is a fact that many middleclass Americans are  simply one paycheck/setback away from a  severe change to our lives.  

 Due to physical issues (arthritis and gout), I began to miss work and eventually had to sign up for FMLA to protect my employment. Chronic pain, and the inability to carry out regular functions in daily living, lead to heightened symptoms of my mental health diagnoses incurred while in the military. This took place right at the time that COVID altered our way of life. Unconventional attendance/remote attendance to my worksite began. Within my states of chronic pain and depression, It was difficult to keep up with the changes and resulted in my being released from employment. I also was unable to return to my online adjunct teaching position due to changes that took place due to COVID.

 I was denied unemployment, and food assistance. I was not able to afford a car repair which prevented the ability to attend food banks as I had become accustomed. I managed to maintain my car note (which is a 3rd of my VA disability) for 5 months of the time that the vehicle was inoperable. I had to accept a repossession of my vehicle due to falling behind on bills, and home repairs such as pipes leaking in the Winter, hot water heater ignition switch going out, and reconnecting electricity when I could not make the payment.

 There are additional circumstances that continue to take place while in my efforts to recover from many losses and changes. Like many others, recent times have placed me in many positions of having to ask for various levels of assistance for the first time. I'm still struggling with various aspects of needing repairs to things within my home like a heating coil for the dryer and being able to have hot water from the hot water heater. Of three a/c window units, two need servicing/freon, and the third a/c dripped water inside and I now need to remove the carpet and padding in that room.

 As I stated earlier, I am here. Those three words have volumes of emotions and tears attached, but I will keep pushing and trying in order that I will in fact see better days. With your assistance, I plan to immediately take care of repairs, and set up payment plans where possible, and get utilities hopefully reduced and within range. It would mean everything to me to have the ability to begin a greater process of catching up on things and get life back on track.

 Thank you so kindly for taking time to read and review my circumstances.

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