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From Javed Niamat

We are raising funds for the gypsies children's schools project. Donations will go towards books and supplies for the schools. Please support my campaign to follow my progress and share it with your friends. Thank you.

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One Hope.

Sughra Bibi has 6 children, 2 boys, and 4 girls. Her 2 girls are married, and her 4 children are unmarried.

Her son Boota, who is now 12, spends his time playing and wandering with his peers. Neither he nor any of his 5 siblings are educated.

Instead, their valuable childhood is spent on the underdeveloped streets of Mehmood Botti, Lahore, where they help Sughra bibi as she begs for money.

Sughra Bibi, who is 40, looks much older after six consecutive births. Her body is weak, and her pale face is riddled with marks.

Every morning, Sughra leaves her makeshift home and disappears into the bustling markets of Mehmood Botti, where she spends the day begging, and returns home in the evening with $5-$8 =Rs500 To Rs800.                              

Sughra belongs to the gypsy community of Mehmood Boti, which has been living in the area for the last 25 years.

The community’s main dwelling is a long strip of makeshift homes along with the river Ravi Bank, but some families also live in other parts of the city. According to statistics, there are over seven million gypsies living in Pakistan. But despite their number, gypsies have no identity due to their lack of documentation.

There is no concept of birth registration within the community, which makes it difficult for them to get Computerized National Identity Cards (CNIC).

Despite living in Mehmood Botti as a community for 25 years, gypsies remain on the edge of society, abhorred by the public and abandoned by the state.

They remain deprived of basic rights despite being Pakistani citizens. The gypsy community lives below the poverty line, in severely unhygienic conditions. Their distress, hopelessness, and alienation are palpable. Most of them have no religion.

“I grew up begging with my parents, and so did my children. The lives of my parents, my children, and myself have been spent the same way; with the same problems and suffering,” Sughra told Divine Gospel Ministries. However, Sughra remained hopeful for her youngest, Razia.

Razia, 6, is a ray of hope for her mother. It’s Sughra’s dream to see Razia becoming a doctor. There are about 38 gypsy children in Mehmood Botti. If they are not educated, their lives will be no different from their parent’s. DGM also provides children with uniforms, and rations are distributed amongst the families of children who attend school.

Gypsy children in Mehmood Botti are not sent to school. Neither their parents nor the government is interested in educating them. Divine Gospel Ministries want to open a school in this area and educate these vulnerable children. So that they can accomplish their dreams, become good citizens, and accept Lord Jesus Christ as their savior. In this way, the Word of God would grow more in Pakistan.

We would like you to join us in this mission work in Pakistan.


1. Number of Children:  38

2. Two Teachers’ salaries: $120 ×2=$240 Per Month

3. Everyday Lunch: $ 17.50 per day = $350 per month (20 days)

This is the monthly cost to keep running this project: $590


4 chairs, 2 tables, 2 Carpets 12ft x 12ft, Textbooks, Notebooks, School Bags, School uniforms, and shoes, Stationeries, Electric Fan

1.     4x Chairs cost: $51

2.     2x Tables cost: $48

3.     2x Carpet cost: $83

4.     Textbooks Cost for 38 students: $200

5.     Notebooks Cost for 38 students: $100

6.     Stationeries (includes whiteboard, board Marker, Pencil, rubber, sharpener): $38

7.     School Bags for 38: $140

8.     School Shoes for 38: $120

9.     Uniform for 38 students: $270

10. 4x Electric Fan: $100

11. Miscellaneous: $50

Total amount to start the project: $1200(one-time cost.

The yearly expenses of this School Project:$7.080.

For further information, you can visit our website.


Missionary Pastor Javed Niamat.

Jesus is the Hope of Light

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