Omaha Rollergirls Travel Fund

Omaha Rollergirls Travel Fund

From Omaha Rollergirls

We are a non-profit, skater owned business. We do not get paid to play. We pay dues, buy our own gear and uniforms. We need your help to raise money for our travel funds.

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We are the Omaha Rollergirls, and We need your help!

This league has thrived for 8 years due to the extreme dedication of the members of ORG. The organization is a non-profit, skater owned business and skaters are not paid to play - in fact quite the opposite.

Skaters must pay monthly for membership to ORG which helps pay for rent of their practice facility and utilities - but that's not the only costs. The financial burden of a skaters gear, uniforms skates as well as travel costs also fall onto the individual skaters. 

This year, it will cost a skater approximately $1,500 each for flights and hotels to attend tournaments.

But our skaters just don’t skate, we help out in the community with various charitys and organizations.

We are a positive influence on our youth. Especially with our Junior League, showing kids how strong and successful they can be. 

We need your help.

We will be traveling for Division 2 Tournaments in Duluth, MN. on August 15-17th. We need your help to raise money for our travel funds. 

If you are a fan, family member, friend or coworker... you know how hard these girls work on and off the track. We ask that you pledge a minimum of $10, to make our derby girl dreams come true.

Please spread the word! Once you donate, share to Facebook, Twitter, and tell friends. We want everyone to know how awesome you are for helping us out. Also, please make sure you enter your email address and name, we want to send special offers out to all our donors. (special coupons, VIP tickets to games, VIP tickets to Black & Blue Ball and etc....)

Please, help us raise the money, so all we have to worry about is playing amazing derby.

Thanks again for Supporting the Omaha Rollergirls.

These donations are not tax deductible. (Omaha Rollergirls is a non-profit 501c4)

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