Oehler Water Main Flood

Oehler Water Main Flood

From Deleted User

My sons lived on the 4th floor of an apartment complex. On Christmas Day, the water main on 5th floor broke & flooded ALL their belongings. They are now not allowed back in to salvage anything.

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This is us. My sons celebrated Christmas with us a week before the flooding disaster in their apartment complex. As you can see by the picture, they each have son(s). On Christmas day, Tim was home when water started coming into their apartment at a fast rate from the floor above, where the water main broke. He left the apartment & was allowed back in for just a second, long enough for a fixture to let loose & hit him in the head (he's fine!), but he had to get right back out. Luckily the apartment management put them up in a hotel room (oh what fun to live there with an 18-month old!), AFTER one of them panicked thinking they had nowhere to go & booked a discount motel online for a few days, thinking they had nowhere to go. That room was nonrefundable, not an expense that was needed :( The complex has no intention of replacing personal belongings. Most apartment management companies do this when the damage is their fault (poor maintenance is the standard in the building), but it depends what's put in the lease. Anyway, there are immediate needs, like clothing and eating out when there's nowhere to cook. Both sons work full time and aren't begging for handouts but do need to get by until they can either get back in to an apartment through management or save enough for deposits for a new place. Then they have to hope it's a place safe enough to live with a baby. They could be in this hotel for quite some time :( 

This has put a big damper on the holiday season in our family :( Now they're not allowed into the apartment to get anything to try & dry it out, nor to take pictures of all their ruined belongings as proof as to what they own :( Ryan was able to salvage a few clothing items for Wolf. 

Please say a prayer for this situation & give what you can. For many that are involved in Schnauzer auctions with me for their dogs' medical bills, every single penny adds up!!!

If you want to confirm facts, KWWL did a small article.

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