Not ready to say goodbye!

Not ready to say goodbye!

From Pamela Hoecherl

My husband has Type II diabetes, End Stage Liver Disease, and Triple Vessel Coronary artery disease.  It will cost 10,000 for PTX therapy to extend his life. Without the therapy, he has less than 2 years to live.

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My husband and I have been together for 25 years.  He is a wonderful man  who writes me poetry.  When we learned about his liver disease, we were devastated.  But we rallied and got him on the liver transplant list.  Then we learned about his heart disease, and our hopes were dashed.  The combination of heart disease and end-stage (terminal) liver disease disqualifies him not only from the liver transplant, but also surgery of any kind (including heart surgery to fix the heart disease.)  The doctors are simply afraid that he will die on the operating table. When he was removed from the transplant list, the doctor told him that without the transplant, he had a maximum of two years to live.  That was in February.

Of course, the heart disease also carries its own risk.  A CT scan was done on my husband's heart, to determine the amount of plaque in his heart and arteries.  A score above 400 is considered high.  You have more than a 90 percent chance that plaque is blocking one of your arteries. Your chance of heart attack is high.  My husband's score was 7,000.  The cardiologist told him that's the highest he has ever seen, and called him a "walking time bomb."  So, both diseases can kill him.  

Fortunately, we learned of a therapy that will make it so that both issues can be taken care of.  It's called PTX therapy, and it will clean the plaque from his heart and its vessels without the need for surgery.  It is  administered by IV and will  remove the threat of the coronary artery disease so that he can get his transplant.  See the 5 minute video above to learn more.

But the therapy is expensive - up to $10,000 depending on how many treatments are necessary.  Insurance does not cover the procedure, and our only source of income is my social security.

My husband is 55, and I'm not ready for our beautiful lives together to come to an end.  Please donate so that we can have many more years together!

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