Nonprofit Branding: 5 Tips for Creating a Strong Brand Ident

Nonprofit Branding: 5 Tips for Creating a Strong Brand Ident

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There are more than 1.5 million nonprofits operating in the U.S. today. This includes everything from charitable organizations and social advocacy groups to social clubs and fraternal societies.

This might make it difficult for your new nonprofit to stand out. To avoid having your nonprofit get lost in the crowd, it's a good idea to make nonprofit branding one of your top priorities from the moment you first launch your organization.

This is sometimes easier said than done. But there are ways that you can separate your nonprofit from the pack.

Here are five ways to create a strong brand identity for your nonprofit.

1. Create a Clear Mission for Your Nonprofit

What is the purpose of your nonprofit organization? It's very important for you to answer that question before you do anything else when you're first starting your organization.

When people ask you what your nonprofit does, you need to be able to say:

  • "We help to feed the hungry in our area."
  • "We provide resources to victims of domestic violence."
  • "We assist those looking to rebound from addiction."

You should be able to tell others your purpose in one succinct mission statement. It'll help explain what your nonprofit is all about when you're trying to brand it.

2. Come Up With the Right Name for Your Nonprofit

Outside of determining your nonprofit's mission from the start, it's also important to create a great name for your organization. The name should be memorable and spell out what your organization does.

Brainstorm a bunch of different names with those people who are going to be part of your organization. Keep it going until you land on something that people will remember when they hear it.

3. Design a Professional Logo for Your Nonprofit

In addition to coming up with a memorable nonprofit name, designing a professional logo is another thing that plays a big part in nonprofit branding. The right logo will help you build up brand recognition.

You don't have to spend a small fortune designing a professional-looking logo for your business, either. The Looka logo maker is free, but it'll provide you with the opportunity to build the best logo for your nonprofit.

4. Utilize the Internet to Market Your Nonprofit

The internet has made it easier than ever before for nonprofits to make their mark on the world. You can establish a strong online presence for your nonprofit branding by:

  • Setting up a website for it that breaks down your mission, your history, your services, and more
  • Creating accounts on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and other social media platforms
  • Putting together a blog that breaks down the different things your nonprofit is doing at the moment

You can legitimize your nonprofit as a whole by bringing it to life online.

5. Make Community Outreach a Big Part of Your Nonprofit

Almost all nonprofit organizations benefit their communities in some way. How is yours going to help your specific community?

Figure it out and make sure you're doing community outreach. Even if you start small, it shouldn't take long for your nonprofit to grow in size and stature once you put your stamp on your local community.

Use Nonprofit Branding to Put Your Organization on the Map

Running a nonprofit organization can be every bit as challenging as running a for-profit business. You have to drum up interest in your nonprofit to see it succeed.

By putting a strong emphasis on nonprofit branding, you can build your brand up over time and allow it to flourish. It all starts with coming up with a great mission statement, name, and logo.

Want to find out more about running a successful nonprofit organization? Read the articles on our blog to get all kinds of helpful tips.

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