Nonbinary Lesbian Facing Homelessness & Health Concerns!

Nonbinary Lesbian Facing Homelessness & Health Concerns!

From Jaydn Tur

Escaping a bad family situation put me in an even more precarious situation. I only eat once every other day, my student loans are racking up, I’ll be living on the streets in a month, & I haven't seen a doctor in 7 yrs.

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Happy Pride Month, all! I’m Jaydn/JT, a nonbinary lesbian. In lieu of buying rainbow-themed mass-produced items from dumb corporations, please considering donating to me to help me get back on my feet! I’m in an absolute state of financial crisis and it’s an ominous pit to dig myself out of. Escaping a bad family situation has put me in an even more precarious situation and as much as it’s humiliating to ask, I really really need help right now. I hate to spin a sob story, but it’s incredibly daunting to feel so alone and incompetent at age 23.

I only eat once every other day, my student loans are racking up, I’ll be living on the streets in a month, and my health concerns have never been more unmanageable. I have remained unemployed for the past year despite having a degree in English and a reasonable resume. My primary source of income is online transcription and dog-sitting, which both pay minimally and employ sporadically. As of today (June 13, 2019) there is less than $100 to my name. I would like to have at least enough money to rent an apartment and eat regularly, so I’m setting my goal at $1500 (but even 25 cents helps me a lot)! I attribute my financial difficulty to three things that hinder my employability:

1.       Transportation

Due to epileptic seizures, little support/guidance, and a lack of financing, it has been very challenging for me to get my driver’s license. Although driving is terrifying to me, I recently borrowed $25 from a family member and was able to obtain my adult permit. Upon hearing my extenuating circumstances, the DMV waived the 30-day wait period for my road test, so I can have my license fairly soon! However, I have no way to sustain a vehicle as of right now- I cannot even afford the necessities like gas, insurance, etc. Having reliable transportation is by far one of my biggest hinderances in keeping a job, especially since my bus pass has expired. Although it is technically illegal for employers to ask if you have a car/drive, many do anyway. With a vehicle at my disposal, it will be far easier to get jobs I’m qualified for, such as substitute teaching.

2.       Homelessness

For anyone who knows me, you understand why I cannot stay with/depend on my family. My father is absentee and my mother is on disability, still living with my grandma. Due to theft and drug convictions, she has been unemployed for ~9 years, nor does she have a license. My grandparents were my legal guardians, but my grandpa was the breadwinner and the only person who has ever been in my corner. He passed away three years ago, and neither me nor my mother received money. My grandma and I have had a better relationship since his passing, but ultimately, she is still a very toxic person for me to be around. She triggers my eating disorder constantly, goes through my mail and belongings at her will, and is generally just an unstable and hypercritical entity. While I am still financially beholden to her slightly (she pays my phone bill), I was able to majorly separate myself from her by moving out and couch-surfing this past year. Not having a permanent address to list on job applications, however, certainly bars me from employment.

3.       Physical and Mental Illness

As I mentioned earlier, I have struggled with epilepsy since I was in middle school. However, I have not been to a neurologist since I was 14, nor have I been to a regular doctor for a physical/check-up since I was 16. I would love to be able to get myself to a doctor as soon as possible, as I have a few pressing health concerns (primarily the painful cysts on my inner thigh, but a few other things I’d prefer not to disclose). While I was lucky enough to have family pay for a dentist trip two years ago, I have not been able to get back there since. Similarly, I have been unable to see a psychiatrist or psychologist for my mental health issues. Without getting into detail about the debilitating impact, I will just say that I have been diagnosed with borderline personality disorder, generalized anxiety disorder, major depressive disorder, and bulimia. I’m really hoping that if I can get back into a treatment plan that my panic attacks will slow down, because I’m honestly struggling heavily with suicidal ideation. 

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