Non-profit Fediverse Instance & Fediport

Non-profit Fediverse Instance & Fediport

From Matthew Underwood

I am raising money to purchase the hardware required toself-host a fediverse instance that will collaborate & form a non-profit dedicated to the Fediverse & selling Fediports like here:

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The plan, as I currently see it, should proceed in steps. The initial crowdfunding goal is to construct 2 #Fediports. 1 to use #SelfHosting a new #Fediverse #instance and another to sell to pay for the building of 2 more Fediports. 

This should both support the Fediverse and raising capital to form an instance-owned non-profit. All decisions going forward would be up to a vote of the mon-profit instance members.

The full #Solardeck, made as a working demo to portably host the instance, will consist of a #SBC Fediport and #Gemini #capsule. This will give BT, WIFI & FIber connectivity. Cell SIM & #HAMRadio as add-ons.

If you have any questions,  please feel free to reach out in the Fediverse or email. Thank you for reading.

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