Nomad Emergency Fund

Nomad Emergency Fund

From Homes On Wheels Alliance

Your contributions help maintain an Emergency Fund for Nomads. The unexpected happens to us all. Help us help those in the mobile community who have no where else to get emergency assistance.

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Here is a story from June 2019 that demonstrates your contributions in action.

A Saved Life

The desert winds were especially brutal during the winter of 2019.  Rae's tent tore to shreds.  And, now, she has no where to sleep except while sitting in her car.

Six months ago Rae's apartment rent increased an additional $200 per month.  Her $800 per month Social Security check was already stretched to the max.  So, Rae chose to travel and live out of her car, instead of on the streets.  She'd done a lot research already -- read articles and watched how-to videos -- to learn how to be a nomad.  It was her dream and her eventual plan. She intended to trade her car for a van in which she could create a tiny home.  But, with the increase in her rent, she must become a nomad sooner than expected and so used what she had: her car.  Rae is the resourceful, self-sufficient type.  She knew she could do it.

When Rae became mobile, she stored her belongings in her car and slept in her tent.  It was like an on-going camping trip.  She traveled to the desert southwest where the winters are warmer and the nomad community gathers.  But, the winds were brutal in early 2019.  After 5 months, her tent was in shambles and she had no place to sleep comfortably.

HOWA would have preferred to give Rae a minivan.  But, our funds are currently very limited.  So, instead, we provided Rae with a quality tent as an emergency solution.  This $600 tent is a strong temporary structure made to withstand high desert winds and weather.  It was the difference between Rae sleeping comfortably, or in perpetual discomfort in her car.

At that time, we discovered that Rae was sick.  She had heart surgery even before the tent was delivered.  Thankfully, the hospital kept her safe until she was well enough to camp again.  Upon her return to the new tent, Rae shared that she had almost given up.  She plainly says that HOWA saved her life.

Springbar Highline6, the tent provided to Rae.

Distribution of Donations

Ninty percent of the Emergency Fund contributions directly assist those in need within in the mobile community.  Ten percent goes toward operating expenses to run the Emergency Fund Program.  If you do not want your contribution distributed in this manner, please make a note with your donation and we will follow your wishes.


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