Nina's Health--Dental Emergency

Nina's Health--Dental Emergency

From Nina Fudge

Save a Smile...with a heavy heart I am requesting support for major dental work to help me eat pain free again.

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Generally when I share my life story it's to help others learn, grow and inspire them to overcome hardship with determination and faith. I am not one to share my life story to get pity or favor, it is difficult for me to ask for help in those ways only because I know there are people who are less fortunate than I am....unfortunately due to major life situations, and a constant battle for the last 25 years, it's with a humble heart that I need to ask favor from others to help support me through this difficult time. 

I have been struggling with pain and uncomfortable procedures in my mouth for years. I've used a combination of root canals, caps, crowns and other dental procedures to save my teeth the best that we could through the years, all has failed. Sadly, unbeknownst to me my other health conditions made this fight a losing battle the whole time. And now many years after trying and fighting, having  tens of thousands of dollars poured into saving my teeth, it's sadly discovered that my battle cannot be won in a traditional way.

I am now faced with a major decision that hurts my heart and burdens my finances beyond what they can handle. This is not something I can put off for much longer. I've been in constant pain for over a year and a half. I can barely eat without pain or uncomfortableness when I try to drink.

It's with a heavy heart that I ask my friends and family for help at this critical time. The total bill is much greater than what I am requesting as a favor from others and I am wanting to always do my best to provide for myself, sadly even with the insurance and discounts I have a large bill that I can not handle on my own.  So, with great humility, I ask for anyone who is able, to please consider donating any portion that they feel compelled to do so to help me offset this large bill so that I may eat without pain and be healthier for longer term.

 What needs to be done....My lower jaw needs to be reconstructed, teeth pulled and have 2 implanted spikes inserted so that a denture may be snapped on. This is not a cosmetic implant and the teeth that I have left unfortunately due to other health issues are painful.. there's no medicine or care good enough to allow me to live pain free and be able to eat comfortably. Plus with the loss of other back teeth through the years (the root canals, caps and crowns didn't work, everything was pulled) so now it's a constant choking hazard with risk of death as I eat..anyone who knows me knows I don't exaggerate such things.

After much review of all the options with the doctors and dentists, this is my best course of action to be fully functional again and lessen my risk of other issues down the road. I greatly appreciate your time and any support you're able to give. If you have any other questions about my condition or the procedure please reach out to me and I will explain more. Also, if anyone knows of angel investors who give medical loans please reach out, thank you. May everyone & your family be well.

God bless. 

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