Nigerian father needs our help to be released from ICE Detention: We Need $4000 or a room for him

Nigerian father needs our help to be released from ICE Detention: We Need $4000 or a room for him


We are asking once again for our community to help a father be freed from ICE detention. We need $4000 for bail OR someone who can house him

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Help support the release of Joseph, a father from Nigeria who came to this country asking for asylum and has been detained in immigration custody for 3 months.  The bond is $4000 OR If someone can house him then he can come out for free with a tracking device.


Joseph fled his home country of Nigeria in August 2013 after his brother was murdered by a violent militant group known as Boko Haram. Joseph presented himself at the United States border seeking refuge and protection.  Even though immigration officials believe his story is credible and that he could be killed if he is deported back to Nigeria, they detained Joseph and set a bond of $4,000 which he cannot afford to pay as he has no family, friends, or support network in the United States.  Joseph is concerned about the well-being of his wife and two children whom he has been unable to communicate with since his detention by immigration authorities. Even though Joseph cannot afford the bond, immigration officials have said they would consider releasing him under a monitoring program known as ISAP, if he can find someone with lawful status to allow him to stay in their home.  Allowing Joseph to stay in your home would mean opening your door to a brother and would carry no financial obligation.  Immigration officials will periodically visit the home on previously scheduled visits so anyone volunteering should only do so if they have lawful status and if everyone else living in the home has lawful status in the United States. There is no obligation for Joseph to remain in your home; he can relocate to a different address once he can get on his feet. Please consider helping a fellow neighbor be released from immigration detention before the holidays.


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