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Nico is a 9 year old boy who lives in Palmdale California. The first week of his summer vacation, he was diagnosed with a brain tumor. The brain tumor was wrapped around his brain stem, and was the size of a baseball. The neurosurgeon still cannot believe that a 9 year old boy had a tumor that size. The first surgery (occipital craniotomy) lasted 18 hours, and they removed 70% of the tumor. At first the pathology showed that it was a malignant glioma turmor, but was later ruled out and proved to be benign. The second surgery, (Sub-temporal craniotomy) lasted over 8 hours and they were forced to leave 1%, because it was in a sensitve area of his ocular nerves. The last 1% has to be monitored which means monthly MRI's, and countless more doctors appointments. After his 2nd surgery, Nico developed hydrocephalus, which required YET another surgery, that gave him a ventricular shunt, that he will have for the rest of his life. The shunt is a valve that is implanted into the ventricles of his brain, and the tube runs underneath his skin and drains CSF fluid into his abdomen. The shunt will require more surgeries as he grows older. Less than 10% of people with shunts get them removed. After the shunt surgery, he was still having too much pressure on his brain, and they found out that he developed a sub-durral hematoma, (bleeding on the brain) which required him to have a 4th surgery. So in the matter of 3 weeks, Nico had 4 brain surgeries. He has lost over 20 pounds, and takes medication that causes him to have no appetite. He has made great strides in his recovery and has been able to return home.


What we are looking to achieve with this money is to provide Nico and his family with the security to have what he needs to recover and get back to his normal life of being a 9 year old. Since Nico's mom and step-dad are currently out of work, and have 2 other children and lots of bills to catch up on, this has become a challenge. Nico's doctors appointments are over an hour away, and with gas prices, parking costs and co-pays, this is a hardship. Nico needs lots of vitamins and nutritional drinks that are important to his recovery that are also very costly, as well as his medication costs.

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