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Nick is 30 years old. He's a young, vibrant, passionate lover of life kinda guy who would do ANYTHING for anyone.

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Nick is 30 years old. He's a young, vibrant, passionate lover of life kinda guy who would do ANYTHING for anyone.

He was first told that he had testicular cancer a month ago on the 14/02/19. What first started as a general check up at his local GP after complaining of some abdominal pain and fatigue. Quickly turned into a series of scans and tests and ended with being admitted into hospital for emergency surgery to have the cancerous tumour in my his testie removed all within 24 hours. Surgery went well but unfortunately the CT scans and blood tests taken the next day indicated that the cancer had spread to the lymph nodes in his abdominal area. Due to the severity of the spread he was told that he would need at least three to four cycles of chemotherapy. He then started the chemotherapy treatment two weeks later, on the 4/03/19. He does have a good prognosis and hopefully after all those cycles of chemotherapy all the cancer will be destroyed - Hopefully.

However there is also a possibility that chemotherapy may not be enough, in which case further surgery to go into the abdominal area and remove the affected lymph nodes can be attempted. Even possible radiotherapy may be necessary. But both these treatments have a massive risk of complications and right now we are all trying to stay positive and support Nick and his beautiful partner and family through this.

Nick and Steph his Partner, have had to move back in with Steph's family due to Nick no longer being able to work, leaving them with one income and adding a lot more financial stress onto everyone to just pay the bills week by week and get through this. This is why we are all stepping in to raise some funds to take away the financial stress that comes with a serious health challenge like cancer.

We would be so appreciative if everyone could dig deep and help Our amazing Nick and his family through this time.

Thank you so much and positive vibes all around to get him through.

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