Nicaragua Dog Clinic

Nicaragua Dog Clinic

From Kayla C Nielsen

We're raising funds to support the dogs in Northern Nicaragua with vaccinations & spay/neutering. Our pop-up clinic will take place 11/30/21. All prices include aftercare medication & food. Spay: $65/dog Vax: $25/dog

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Most of you who have been following me online over the years have seen me put together dog clinics in the Philippines, where we were able to treat/save hundreds of dogs. 

Many of you have also been following along since I arrived back to Nicaragua a few weeks ago. The first night we arrived to the land, we saw a terrified puppy who looked like a walking skeleton. 

She was so timid, she wouldn't get within 15 feet of us (not even to get food). You could see every bone in her tiny body. If she didn't start getting proper nutrition soon, she was surely going to die. 

I started leaving meals out for her immediately. And she'd eat them once we were nowhere in sight. Overtime, she let us get a little closer (maybe within 10 ft). And a little closer (now 5 ft). After a week of feeding, she let us touch her for the first time. 

She was scared of human touch due to obvious physical abuse, she would wet herself with fear as soon as our hands got close to her bony little back. She still wouldn't take food from our hands, but she started eating in front of us overtime. 

After two weeks, her energy significantly improved alongside her confidence. She still had a nasty gash across her face, bad infections in her eyes, and her huge ears and little body were covered with ticks and fleas. But she was happier, and more energetic. 

I had a vet come out to treat her on site (so we didn't have to scare her by putting her in the car). He gave her puppy vaccinations, which is great because a lot of the dogs in the area are dying- meaning diseases are going around. 

In the weeks following, her body has filled out so much that you can't see even one bone in her still wiry frame. She runs excitedly into my arms, and doesn't flinch when I make sudden movements. She's loving, brave, curious and full of life. 

Her name is Flaca. And there are a heck of a lot of dogs living here that are just like her. If not worse. 

Doing something as simple as vaccinations, dewormer, and flea/tick treatments can be enough to save a little puppy's life. 

And performing spay/neuter operations prevent dogs as young as Flaca from having babies, when they're still babies themselves. This operations helps reduce the spread of STDs amongst dogs (which can also be deadly), and reduces overpopulation. 

It is my life mission to improve the quality of life for all living beings on our planet. Even just changing one life, like Flaca's, is enough. However, when we come together, we have the opportunity to change a whole lot more. 

If you're an animal lover like myself, or if you just want to do something nice for a helpless creature this holiday season- then I hope you can support this cause with even just a few dollars. 

You can save a life. And we're so grateful for each and every one of you. 

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