Newlyweds with Medical Bills

Newlyweds with Medical Bills

From Deborah Michelle Caudill

Neurodivergent newlyweds with big dreams are facing a financial crisis with mounting medical bills and lack of income. Please read our story below and help if you can. Thank you!

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So, a closed mouth doesn't get fed and I am tired of living my life in the dark.  In my attempts to shed light on some areas of my life that aren't very pretty, I may alienate or offend some people, and I apologize for that. However, I also hope that I will help some people...I have been struggling for months with some mysterious ailments.  I have been to multiple doctors and specialists with more to come. I'm currently wearing a heart monitor because I constantly feel like I'm having a heart attack, but that may just end up being anxiety, for all I know.  Whatever is going on is affecting multiple parts of my body. I haven't been able to work since the week before we got married and now there is no money coming in from me and the medical bills are piling up. My anxiety has been so high, I literally haven't been able to leave the house some days. I can't work right now and I'm out of PTO. Work is being kind and they haven't fired me yet, but I'm sure it's inevitable at this point. Besides the mystery illness, I'm facing surgery on both my foot and neck. Not really a good combo for someone at Amazon. My sweet, amazing, neurodivergent new husband just worked 60 hours this week so we could pay our bills and now he is out DoorDashing because our individual bills still aren't covered. I've contacted my bank and they have been kind and took some fees away. I'm overdrawn but have mutliple things on autopay. This is super embarrassing because I'm sure that some people think that I am just not good with money, which I'm not, but I am actually searching for more answers with my mental health right now too.  I'm just really not well and we need help and I'm desperate.

I usually try my best to find some good in every situation, so I would like to use this time at home to work on my crafts to sell and to write my book that I believe will be therapeutic for both me and the readers. Truly, I do. Big plans with that!  So, maybe consider it an investment in my little business ideas? Morgan and I really want to have our own little craft/wood-working business also soon. I don't feel at all that I "deserve" anyone's help, but I do feel that my husband does.  He is facing his own challenges, but has pushed his own needs aside to take care of me and our little family.  He's amazing.  

Please, if you can help us in any amount, we would be so very grateful! 

I'm trying to trust God, but the fear has really taken over here.

Thank you and God bless,


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