New Journey To Freedom

New Journey To Freedom

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We Are Fundraising to help Educate as many Afro-Americans to Live A Free and Prosperous Life. To improve conditions in the inner cities and low income neighborhoods and why Covid-19 strikes harder and how to improve it.

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Your Donations Are Needed Now To Help New Journey Preserve Our Freedom.

We will engage minority voters in the cities, towns, and hamlets in which they live with an effective, relentless campaign to answer the positioning of Republicans as an enemy to minority populations without insulting the intelligence of this constituency.   

We will engage with truth and perseverance. 

We will use every weapon in our communication, and technological arsenal, including strategic marketing, rapid response, and accurate polling to deliver insightful messaging that is informative, empathetic, and humorous.  

More importantly, it will speak the language of ethnic voters and non-voters. 

The challenges facing the Republican Party are not “one-cycle” problems, and the results will not be achieved in “one-cycle.”  

New Journey – is here for the long haul.    How do you change voting percentages among a population which votes 90% in favor of the opposition? Our mission is to establish a 24/7 – 365 messaging and education strategy that will not go dark between election cycles.  



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