New Guitar for Skye

New Guitar for Skye

From Scott E Hansen

A few nights ago, I was walking with a group of friends when I heard the loud sound of something breaking into pieces

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I come to find out that a student stepped on a homeless man's guitar. The student angrily explained how the homeless man, Skye, shouldn't have left his guitar on the street and attempted to justify what he did instead of just apologizing and being respectful. Crying, Skye began to explain how he had no where else to go and simply left the guitar right in front of him, thinking people would see it. A few of us went to explain to the student that he should help him buy a new one or give him more money. This student and his friends said that this homeless man is a scammer and that they would not pay for his guitar. They also began to call us insensitive, racial slurs. We took a moment to check on Skye and he began to explain his passion for playing. As he cried, he turned to us and said “Well, what can we do." 

This got me thinking that, as a community, we CAN do something. I want to raise money for Skye as all he wants to do is play music again. The only belonging left to his name is now completely destroyed. Skye mentioned he plays countless times at the Bart station and people appreciate his music. I want to give Skye the chance to have a piece of himself back. We, as good Samaritans, can and should help those less fortunate than us. Smalls acts of kindness is what this world needs. Please donate anything you possibly can.

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