New Free Data Recovery Software is Available to Download in

New Free Data Recovery Software is Available to Download in

From Muhammad Tahir

Recovering data is a modern necessity for most people. Today everyone needs data and there are always cases where important data is accidentally deleted for one reason or another.

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Recovering data is a modern necessity for most people. Today everyone needs data and there are always cases where important data is accidentally deleted for one reason or another. Here are some scenarios why data can be lost accidentally:

- You accidentally deleted it from the Recycle Bin.

- You restore your device to its factory settings, and as a result, you will lose all the data you saved.

- You lose data by pulling out the external storage device during data transfer.

- Labeling the file system with RAW labels.

- Virus or malware enters your computer system.

- Unprofessional data management.

To overcome this requires experience and special knowledge of how to recover them. This article will highlight this as well as recommend a new data recovery software that you can download today.

What do we recommend? The answer is iBeesoft Free Data Recovery, the best free data recovery software for Windows!

Why? There are many explanations which you can see below…

iBeesoft Free Data Recovery is a powerful software with many features that can recover your important data with a high success rate. Like similar data recovery software, iBeesoft has several features:

*Free to Scan Recoverable Files

The scanning feature can track all types of files. You can find out what files are tucked away and you just have to choose what you really need. If you don't select the file types (to be scanned) manually, you will waste more time because the system software will scan all of them by default. To provide clearer information, this scanner feature works well on exFAT, NTFS, NTFS5, HFS+, ext2, ext3, and so on files. To top it all off, there's support for solid-state drives. Have you selected the file type to scan? Now you can see all the drives and related devices. Note, however, that there is no ability to scan multiple drives at a time. The scan time depends of course on the size of the drive, the amount of data on it, and whether it is an internal or external drive.

*Deep Scan Features

It's possible you can't find what you're looking for. If you experience that, you can use the Deep Scan feature. At first glance, it looks more difficult but it is a more thorough feature. We do not recommend that you use it once you have found what you are looking for. However, we found that even the data that we thought was lost forever can be found by enabling this great feature. Again, this feature takes more time so you shouldn't use it as long as you can find what you're looking for.

*Amazing Data Recovery Success Rate

Repeating what has been said above, this software has a high success rate. This software has a success rate of 99.65%. This figure is obtained from various random surveys conducted on users.

*Free to scan and display recoverable files

This feature provides free scanning as described above.

*Free to preview recoverable files

Before you actually restore, you can preview the files you have scanned. If you don't mind that, you can do a restore right away. That way you won't be stuck on "recovering the data you don't want".

*Free to recover up to 2GB files for free

Please note, that iBeesoft is available in two versions; free and paid. If you use it for free, you only have limited recovery capabilities. Only 2GB. If you want to recover more you can switch to the paid version.

*Recover 1000+ file types

iBeesoft is one of the most comprehensive data recovery software on the market today. There are more than 1000 types of files that can be recovered with this software. With iBeesoft you can recover almost any file type you want and assuming your files are “standard files”, you no longer need any other software.

*Support 2000+ devices

Whatever your device, iBeesoft can work well with it. This data recovery software is compatible with almost all types of devices. 2000 more types of supported devices are certainly more than enough.

*Fix corrupted videos and images

Of course, the problem with data is not limited to accidentally deleted data. There are also problems with corrupted files. Don't worry because iBeesoft can fix corrupted videos and images without any trouble.

Step-by-step Guide for how to recover deleted files for free? 

Broadly speaking there are 4 important stages in recovery with iBeesoft Free Data Recovery software:

1. First, download and install the software

You have to download and install the software. Download the file ending in .exe on your PC. Only download from the iBeesoft Free Data Recovery Official Page. Double-click the .exe file and accept all requests (standard requests only). Don't worry that you will have trouble because this software has a simple interface that anyone can understand.

2. Already installed? Now is the time to launch and select a hard drive to scan

Launch the software once it is installed. Then you will see all the internal and external hard drives you have at the time. Hover the mouse over the target hard drive and then click 'Scan' to scan all files that have ever been deleted there.

3. Now scan!

Have you decided which hard drive you want to scan? Now click 'Scan' and the software will scan for any kind of hidden files there. The scan results will be displayed in the results window which is displayed by directory. The more files you search, the longer the scan time will be. It is reasonable!

4. Now you just have to recover the scanned one

You have seen all the files you were looking for in the original directory or new folder. Now you can check all recoverable files. Double click a file and you can see a preview (about the file). Everything right? Now click 'Recover' to recover and save the file on your PC.

You couldn't expect anything easier!

Are you using a Mac? iBeesoft Free Data Recovery software is now available for Mac users. All the features are the same as the Windows version. The only difference is that the free data recovery software for Mac is only capable of recovering up to 500MB of data. After all, iBeesoft Free Data Recovery software is the answer for those of you who want to recover all your lost or corrupted files. Use the free version to try!

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