NEW DRUM SET for Kris Ivey

NEW DRUM SET for Kris Ivey

From Sammie Lee

Kris' family vehicle & his main drums were COMPLETELY destroyed in an accident- the other driver at fault (investigated for 'DUI') rear-ended in a 4x4 Jeep at 65+ mph. No fatal injuries, except to the car and his drums.

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From Kris:

Hey Bro. Just wanted to let you know that my mom got in a car wreck on Monday (03/18). 

A lady driving a huge 4x4 Jeep rear-ended my mom on I-35. The lady was going about 65+ mph. So she rammed into my mom, causing my mom to spin out, from the right side of the highway, to the left side shoulder. The lady is being investigated for “driving under the influence.”

The EMS rushed my mother to the ER and gave her x-rays to see if anything’s broken. We were able to leave the same night. She came out with a couple of big bruises and some whiplash. But the doctors said that it’s possible her condition could change in the next few days. So I’m keeping an eye on her. It’s been pretty hard lately for her. She’s doing better, but now we’re in a predicament with the insurance company and finances.

My mother’s car got totaled and my drum set (the one I use every Sunday at JCI) got FREAKING SMASHED. Right now, we’re unsure about the financial stuff, since the car title isn’t under my mom’s name yet. We were in the process of changing the title over to my mom’s name before the crash. We had to get an attorney to help settle this case.

So we’re still working it out, but for right now, we’re without 1 car, and my drum set is smashed. I have another kit I can use at the other campus, but it doesn’t sound as good as the one I used originally.

So please be praying for my mother to heal quickly, and for our attorney to straighten things out with the insurance companies for both our car, and my drum set.

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