New Beginning

New Beginning

From Johnpaul Joshua

I was recently evicted from my home and I'm currently living in my car. I just need help getting back on my feet so that my 2 beautiful daughters, Ally(8 yrs) and Gabby(6 yrs) can have a place to sleep when they visit.

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Hello. My name is Johnpaul Joshua. Many call me JP.  I am originally from New York City, now living in Florida.  I am a father of two beautiful girls, Alexandria(Ally) and Gabriella(Gabby.) Ally is 8 and Gabby is 6.  On November 9th, 2023, I came home from work to be greeted with a 24 hr notice to vacate my apartment.  This was the day after my birthday.  I had to quickly get my things out and my dog and I had to leave.  Finances just wouldn’t allow me to maintain the rent of $1400 plus utilities and other expenses.  On top of that, I must pay child support every 2 weeks.  A couple of days later, I ended up losing my dog as he passed away peacefully. He was a 14 yr old Pug named Louie. So, at this point, I am homeless, living out of my car.


                I haven’t told my girls this as it would break their hearts.  I use money from my paycheck to get us a room for the weekend so that they have someplace comfortable to rest their heads. I have them with me every other weekend.  Once they are back with their mom, I go back to living in my car. 


If you look at my Facebook profile, you can get a view of what kind of person I am. I’ve never been arrested; don’t use drugs or drink and I’ve never been that type of guy to run the streets.  I’ve been a mentor to countless children and young men from New York to Florida. I’ve always tried to be a positive role model and an asset to children that I’ve come in contact with.  Regrettably, I just got a bad break.


I took risk and gave a gentleman $2800 that I had saved, in January to invest in a box truck, only to be swindled out of my money and work.  He promised me that I’d be working with him and his partners, making good money but they took my money and the truck on the road without me.  Now, they and their families get to live and eat good while I sleep in the backseat of my car, living out of my suitcase and gym bag. 


I’m a member of a program called Active N Fit which allows me to join multiple gyms around the country for just $28 a month.  This comes in handy because I have places to shower. I make the best of my situation.  My things are in storage, but I’ve had to sell a lot of it just to have funds.  I’m a drummer but I had to sell my drum set, which hurt me because I was also teaching my girls to play. 


Ultimately, I just need help renting a room until I can save up to get an apartment. That’s going to be tricky with an eviction under my belt but I’m hopeful.  I hate the fact that I’m not able to give my girls the Christmas that they deserve.  I love my babies.  I was supposed to get married in July, but things are not promising.  My fiance is an amazing woman who loves me even through this difficult time.  She is currently renting a room about 2 hours from me. Despite me living out of my car, she still calls me her king. How many women would be proud to be connected to a man who is homeless? I want to be able to give her the castle she deserves as my queen, but I need help.


I have been blessed with gifts to succeed.  I’m a swim instructor, fitness enthusiast, preacher and I have been working with children for 30 years(I’m 49 yrs. old.) I have written a children’s book, dedicated to, and staring my angels.  It’s also staring the puppet they picked out and named called Mr. JP.  I’m trying to also get funds to help with getting it published but first, I need to just find someplace to stay.  Mr. JP started out as just something fun to do with my kids but ended up having over 12,000 followers on TikTok.  Everywhere I take him, the kids love him.  If you were to get on TikTok and search Mr. JP, you will see him pop up.  I wrote the book so that my kids can have something to be proud of when I’m gone. 


I have 3 amazing young ladies in my life that are depending on me to succeed, and I really would appreciate any help I could get.  Thank you so much in advance.  May God richly bless you all. 


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