Long Distance Relationship Fundraiser(More Info below!)

Long Distance Relationship Fundraiser(More Info below!)

From Elliot Castillo

Please help me raise some money to buy a plane ticket for my long distance boyfriend that has a terminal illness...More vital information below. Please check!

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More Info

My long distance boyfriend, that I’ve been dating for two years, has recently been diagnosed with a terminal illness....Before he runs out of time, he wants us to meet in person...We have never met in person—we haven’t held hands, and neither have we even hugged...We are separated by land and ocean, and the distance is a devastating 4,679 miles apart...the only forms of communication that we use are hand written letters and our cell phones. Sure, we can FaceTime or Skype each other, and we can call each other, text—but our screens play as walls that separate us, just like the bodies of land and water that also face us...we hope to be able to see each other very very soon...❤️

Yes, the distance can be difficult, the distance may keep us apart physically, but not mentally. And we know have to push through tough times and be patient. But that’s whats been worrying us the most—we fear that there may NOT be enough time left. Anything could happen at anytime, and all we want need is your help...❤️

It would be a plane ride from Austria, Europe to the United States. By donating you’d make two people very very happy....I’ll get to see the love of my life, and he’ll get to live his dream...❤️

Please make a donation—because it WILL make a difference, I guarantee you that you won’t regret it...thank you so much in advance...have a wonderful day/night.❤️

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