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Neighborhood Coffee

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We are raising money for our cafe in china! Donations will go towards expansion of the cafe and community development in our city. Thank you for stopping by and supporting our campaign! Remember to share with friends.

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Who We Are

Neighborhood Coffee is a small family business that provides gourmet coffee, teas, and many other unique drinks. We host weekly social events and English corner all year round attracting customers, getting to know people in our community, while providing an at home, family friendly atmosphere. We welcome everyone to Neighborhood Coffee and treat them like family. In our area of China, the local people are not so familiar with coffee culture, so we strive to give our customers a great first impression the first time they drink Neighborhood Coffee with us. The conversation always starts with the first cup of coffee.


From the most basic Iced Americano ranging all the way to Chai Tea from India, the menu at Neighborhood Coffee features many different countries unique style of coffee and teas.

Authentic western cakes and desserts are very popular at our cafe as well: chocolate cake, cheesecake, lemon cake, carrot cake, cinnamon rolls, scones, biscuits, and lots of different types of cookies!

Traction & Happenings

  • We own our brand(recognized and registered across China)
  • We are the only shop in the city to sell authentic western cakes and have been hired multiple times to cater at weddings because people can't find yummy cake like ours anywhere else!
  • The cafe has catered to many birthday parties, international business meetings, wedding parties, semi-pro soccer teams, and various clubs.
  • We were invited and featured in our cities first small business bazaar for entrepreneurs.
  • We have received orders and shipped our fresh baked cakes and cookies all over China.
  • We started holding an English corner every week from 2020 and it has been largely successful with up to 40 people coming to practice English at a time.

 How We're Different

We value integrity and strive to give quality products and service to our customers. We also prioritize connecting with our customers in a personal way to meet their needs as we introduce them to something delicious from our menu.

English is valued in Chinese culture but geared mainly towards passing tests and getting high grades. At Neighborhood many people have commented that they have the opportunity to learn how to have a casual face to face conversation in English and even try out ordering from our menu in English. By providing an environment for people to learn and speak English for free, we have also peaked a growing interest in coffee and cake in our area. Slowly but surely we are beginning to see coffee culture and English transform and be integrated into peoples lifestyle here in China. 

 How you can make a difference

New Sanitation Requirements

Ever since covid 19 the health and sanitation standards have been raised to a level I have not seen before in this area. No smoking indoors, rigorous sanitation procedures, and inspections from the health bureau are just a few examples. In light of these changes we are required to update the environment of the whole cafe.  We will need to isolate the espresso bar and coffee making area away from customers with some form of glass panel with a slot to pass the coffees and drinks through to customers. 


Our small cafe can no longer contain our growing customer base. We are hoping to begin work on putting in a second floor to accommodate more customers and double our seating capacity.

Community Development

We go through phases where masks are required to enter into different places: cafes, markets, Wal-Mart, etc. We would like to provide masks to our customers for free to bless our customers and community. Many establishments have masks for sale at the entrance of their place of business all throughout our area. We hope to show that we value our customers and their well being as we raise awareness for better health and sanitation in our community.

If you are interested in joining us financially to accomplish these projects it would be greatly appreciated!

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