Needing help to retain lawyer for federal appeal case

Needing help to retain lawyer for federal appeal case

From Christopher Damron

Hello. My name is Chris and I'm looking for any and all help on retaining a lawyer for my 2255 federal appeal case.

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Three years ago, I was charged with a 922g. Felon in possession of a weapon. I had zero knowledge that the house I was visiting had a weapon in it. When my probation officer conducted a house check where I was staying, they lied and said I wasn't living there and sent my probation officer to the address where I was visiting. Now if I wasn't at the address my probation officer went to check on me at, how would they know the address of where I was visiting? Exactly. When the APA showed up at my friends house, they immediately arrested me and pushed their way into the house and began searching the premises. Where upon they found a hand gun. Even tho I had zero knowledge of this gun at the premises, I was charged with a 922g (felon in possession of a weapon). The Marshals picked up the case and I was now in Federal holding. I had a suppression of evidence hearing and I was granted the suppression, but the State was allowed to appeal and they did. At their appeal hearing, my lawyer just sat there with his head in his hands, didn't ask any questions, call witnesses, or say not one word. When I asked him, "Arent you gonna say anything or do your job?" he responded "Whats there to say or do?". Now if you ask me that's straight misrepresentation or lack there of. Now Im trying to file my 2255 appeal with the sixth circuit court in Ohio and I need a lawyer to help with paperwork and representation. I have on that is interested in my case , but I need help with the $3000 they are wanting up front for the retainer. If anyone could/would PLEASE help me with this, it would be GREATLY appreciated. Anything helps and nothing will go unnoticed.  Thank you in advance.

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