From Jada Wetzel

I was renting a room and my landlord left me with a $544 water bill(service off now)and $750 rent!

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Hello. My name is Jada and I am in a terrible mess. I am contacting churches out of my area because none in my area can help. I am going alphabetical by state. I am emailing because it is faster and because I still have to work during office hours. I really need help badly! I was renting a room from a family and they left me here(moved)with a deficit on the lights, $750 rent due, and a $544 water bill. They actually hadn't paid rent in 4 months(did not know)but I was still paying them my rent. So the landlord is not happy(I am catching a lot of that flack). They left a few days before the water was shut off. The lights and the water are in my old roommates name and I can not get the home owner to sign a temporary lease so I can get the water switched over in my name until I pay the full amount on the rent. The moratorium is still in effect and I have given the CDC declaration form to the owner. The water is $544 to get turned on unless I have a lease and can put it in my name and I can not get a lease until I pay the $750! The owner has agreed to let me stay if I can pay the rent I just can’t afford this and save up to move($400/RMbefore $750/Housenow). I plan on moving out of state and this fiasco has lead me to need an apartment of my own but it will take time to save the money. He(Chansy homeowner) will probably write up a temporary lease if I can pay but not until I pay the $750. I can’t move until I get my taxes back and save some more money but that will be the end of February(taxes). My taxes won't come till the end of February since they have that EIC(Earned Income Tax Credit)law that says they don't start disbursing them until February 15th no matter how soon you file. There is a local ministry that could help but they will only pay one service that is needed and they do not have any openings for the month of January(and need a lease). I am not really eligible for traditional assistance(no lease yet)and I do not know if that ministry will turn me down or not. All the other ministries like the St. Vincent De Paul don't service my area or are not open for applications or won't give me assistance without a lease. No $750 no lease, No lease no assistance(traditional), No $750 no lease no traditional assistance so no lease and no water. One doesn't even start their assistance till March. I really need help and been praying for someone to help me. I really do not want to be homeless. I am hoping to raise the $544(water bill) or $160(my name)for water and $750 for the rent. Any help would be a life saver. Thank you for listening.

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