From Charles Christopher Thompson IV

I'm raising money for hardship debt liquidation and to start up a new independent business entrepreneurial project! Need $121,000! Proceeds will go toward clearing all financial obstacles, funding the new cyber business

Charles Christopher Thompson IV

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Dear Whomever financially capable Kind & Generous souls out there it may concern,

I am a well seasoned lifetime experienced civilian law enforcement & security professional and a two branch military reserve forces veteran ( USAF / U.S.A. ) having served our nation honorably and proudly for many years.  

The reason I’m writing to you follows a substantially tall request for special reasons involving some very uncomfortable circumstances unintentionally creating several debt accumulated hardships due to long term momentum of insufficient income along with past entrepreneurial business project failures between the dead end thankless, unprofitable efforts of my present career job life. 

I’m 52 years old ( thats half a century+2!!) with not so much as even the means to achieve creation of a retirement pension, medical insurance etc being frustrating as is and now I'm just strongly desiring to liquidate and clean away all of my debts and other financial obstacles insofar to create an opportunity for more progessive improvement toward a simpler newer more gratifyingly independent personal and professional self made career life situation. This would also grant the individual benefits that would be instantaneous and alleviating a great deal of multiple financial pressures! 

Humbly speaking, I am not normally one to ask another person of far more financially superior means as to help me with enough sufficient funds to assist in the alleviating of all financial strife while also requesting enough for continued self development in the areas of smart investing and meeting better entrepreneurial goals for eventual independence,,But, posting a letter with special request appears to be the only last resort I have within my means of ideas at this time! 

I am not asking this request lightly but humbly petitioning anyone generous and kind enough with open mind and heart for the extraordinarily substantial amount of One Hundred & Twenty One Thousand Dollars ( $ 121,000 )

It would truly and deeply mean the world to me and certainly not let a single dollar be taken for granted as the following reasons for my huge request will entail below what specifically would I use the money for..... IN SHORT,, 

1. Liquidation of ALL Loans, credit and tax debts totalling $60,000 ***

***Note!!*** This will help me raise my credit scores to optimal level enabling me to eventually acquire a more spacious home/office to live and work once I have whats needed as a kickstart toward self made permanent income! 

2. Need for entrepreneurial business partnership investment $10,000

3. Potentially lucrative stock & trade investments for eventual self sustaining profit

 gains giving me continuity of supporting my own business $$30,000 and therefore ensuring permanent financial business freedom and self sustainability! 

4. Office equipment to include most current PC and supporting electronic equipment! $10,000 

5. Kickstart for family medical insurance and retirement deposit $11,000

I would be tremendously forever grateful and beyond thankful if you having the power to help and change other people’s lives can also help to change mine so perhaps one day soon, I can also someday make myself more powerfully capable to help change the lives of others, including those who are already a loving part of my life. All it takes is one huge and very generous kickstarter to make alot of wonderful things happen with your valuable assistance! 

I deeply hope and pray very much at this time that any genuinely good open minded and generous financially capable soul out there can accept my special request and reasons for needing the aforementioned amount of funding, and if out of your exceptionally heartfelt goodness and understanding Do choose to accept my request, I have left you my full name and my PayPal link listed here and below!....

Again, thank you so very much in advance to anyone willing to come to my aid and I sincerely hope and pray my wish for this type of substantial help will come to fruition quite soon! Many blessings to all! 

Highest Regards,   

Charles Christopher Thompson IV 

Aspiring Business Entrepreneur 

Veteran, U.S.A.F / U.S. Army ( National Guard & Reserve Forces ) 

Veteran, Law Enforcement & Security Services

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