Natural Gas: Fueling the Climate Crisis

Natural Gas: Fueling the Climate Crisis

From Sara Papanikolaou

350 Eastside is making a film on how natural gas, and the methane emissions it produces, adds to the climate crisis. We'll highlight the North Seattle Lateral Upgrade pipeline expansion project and fracking sources.

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For over a year, 350 Eastside has led a coalition of local indigenous, faith, and environmental organizations opposition of the North Seattle Lateral Upgrade (NSLU) pipeline expansion in south Snohomish County.  This nearly 6 mile project is projected to raise Washington State's greenhouse gas emissions 3-5% and crosses 15 streams via dam-and-flume methods; many of them home to threatened species of salmon, who have been subjected to heavy oil and diesel from construction equipment.  Despite our work with the permitting agencies for the project, the pipeline is being built.  

We need better policies in place about natural gas- and awareness of where it comes from.

If you follow the main north-south pipeline the NSLU stubs off of, it goes directly to a fracking hotspot in northern British Columbia.  Every time someone in Snohomish County turns on their gas range, communities in this region pay the price with environmental devastation.  Our climate will be impacted for decades by our use of natural gas today, with the methane it emits being an 86% more potent greenhouse gas than CO2 for the first 10 years it is in the atmosphere.

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