N95 masks in stock: The Unsung Hero of the Airport

N95 masks in stock: The Unsung Hero of the Airport

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Keeping your face safe at the airport can be challenging there’s high security everywhere, and germs are lurking in every corner of the terminal, you need to stay protected from those airborne viruses, germs, and bacteria.


To avoid getting sick and to ensure you have enough oxygen to breathe in between flights and coughing fits, you need an N95 mask, these masks are readily available from most check-in counters but do not always get enough attention from other travelers.


What is an N95 Mask?


An N95 mask is a small, reusable respirator that is made up of 95% filter efficiency, it is designed for filtering particles that may cause respiratory infection, when you breathe through an N95 mask, microscopic particles are attracted to the filter material.


The mask then expels the particles outside the mask through chemical reactions, this process reduces the number of particles that you inhale by 99.95%. If you are looking for a simple way to keep your lungs clean while traveling, an N95 mask is an ideal choice, these masks come in different sizes and designs to suit your needs.


They are lightweight, travel well, and don’t weigh you down and they are also easy to carry around due to their small size.


Types of N95 Mask


-Soft N95 Mask: These masks are soft and flexible and they can easily shape your face for maximum comfort and protection, you can wear these masks for up to 2 hours.


-Semi-soft N95 Mask: These masks are slightly softer than the soft N95 masks, they give a bit more cushion than the soft N95 masks in stock but, they can only be worn for about an hour and a half.


-Hard N95 Mask: These masks are the most popular and commonly used air travel masks, they are made from polyethylene and polyurethane materials and are sturdy.


-Full Face N95 Mask: These masks cover your entire face and nose, they are designed for maximum protection and comfort, and they can be worn for up to 6 hours, however, during this period, you cannot breathe through your mouth.


How to Breathe Through an N95 Mask


- Wash your hands before putting on a respirator mask, this will help to prevent the spread of germs between you and other passengers.


 - Tightly pull the mask over your head. Hold the mask in place while you breathe out and then breathe in.


- To take the mask off, first, pull it out from the back of your head, then, turn your head, take the mask off from the front, and throw it away in a trash can.


- Store your mask properly to extend its lifespan, you can either store them in an airtight bag or under your bed.


- Use an N95 mask when you are in an area where high levels of airborne particles are present.


Benefits of Using an N95 Mask


       An N95 mask provides 100% protection from airborne particles, there’s no need to take along a respirator when you use one of these masks.


       The N95 mask is an inexpensive and portable option for protecting your respiratory system, you can use it when there is a high risk of airborne particles in an area where you are likely to encounter germs.


        They are comfortable to wear and easy to carry, making them ideal for use while traveling.


       The N95 mask is highly portable and provides effective protection against airborne contaminants, it’s easy to carry, lightweight, and doesn’t take up much space in your luggage.


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