N95 Masks For Sale | KN95 Face Mask In Stock

N95 Masks For Sale | KN95 Face Mask In Stock

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N95 Masks For Sale, KN95 Masks, N95 Protective Masks, Disposable Surgical Masks, Medical Masks, N95 Surgical Masks on sale, stock is limited, buy now.

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The epidemic of covid-19 virus continued to ferment, and people began to wear masks when they were worried.

Ordinary people wear masks, the main purpose is to prevent air pollution, the secondary purpose is to prevent disease.

Can wearing a mask prevent the massive panic caused by the covid-19 virus?

How to buy genuine N95 mask, KN95 mask, disposable surgical mask?

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Let's start with respiratory virus infection.

Respiratory virus infection is spread by air. When a patient coughs or sneezes, the virus in the respiratory tract will be sprayed and turned into droplets. Healthy people will suck in the droplets and form a new infection in the respiratory tract, so the virus will spread in the crowd.

However, there are many kinds of viruses that can cause respiratory tract infection, most of which are not transmitted by this way, but by hand. After the virus is sprayed out, it stays on the surface of the object. When healthy people touch these surfaces with their hands, they are exposed to the virus. Then people take food or wipe their mouth with their hands, and the virus will enter the mouth, and then enter the respiratory tract. Or rub your nose and eyes with your hands, and the virus enters your body through your nose and eyes, and then into your respiratory tract.

Wearing a mask can prevent the spread of droplets, which cannot prevent the spread of disease from the hands. The latter should be prevented by hand washing.

Some respiratory infections are mainly spread by droplets, including the very serious influenza. Theoretically speaking, wearing a mask can prevent influenza.

The theory also needs to be supported by research results. There are several studies on wearing masks to prevent influenza.

In 2008, the Australian scientists studied a randomized controlled trial. 286 participants were divided into medical masks, P2 masks and no masks. They found that wearing masks was not associated with the incidence rate of respiratory tract infections. But if we only wore the correct mask, we could reduce respiratory tract infections by more than 50%. The effect of preventing influenza was even as high as 80%. Significant difference.

The problem with this study is that wearing a mask properly is not only a small sample size, but also difficult to be precise.

In 2009, a study by Hong Kong scientists compared 407 out-patient influenza patients with 794 people from 259 families. In addition to wearing masks, there were also variables such as lifestyle education and hand washing, among which wearing masks was not listed separately, but wearing medical masks plus hand washing.

The results showed that hand washing, hand washing and wearing masks could prevent influenza, but there was no significant difference between the two groups.

Although there is no option to wear a mask alone, this study is more credible than the Australian experiment, revealing that the effectiveness of wearing a mask to prevent influenza, even if effective, is quite limited.

In 2012, American scientists conducted a study on more than 1000 college students. They were divided into two groups: wearing masks, wearing masks and washing hands, and the control group. It was found that wearing masks, wearing masks and washing hands all had the effect of preventing influenza, up to 75%, but they also had no statistical significance. Further analysis shows that wearing masks and hand washing can prevent influenza, but wearing masks alone is not necessarily.

At present, it seems that wearing masks may be able to prevent respiratory virus infection such as influenza, but it is not enough just to wear masks. It is more important to wash hands carefully. Wearing masks on hand washing carefully may have a icing on the cake effect.

Whether covid-19 virus is mainly infected by droplets has not been determined yet, so it can only be said that wearing masks may be effective, but not only by wearing masks.

As for which kind of mask, although the medical mask and N95 mask are theoretically effective, there is no relevant experimental evidence, and the current evidence shows that there is no difference between various masks. The advantage of wearing N95 is that it can prevent haze and kill two birds with one stone.

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