MysteryMerryMakers; anonymous acts of kindness and encouragement through th

MysteryMerryMakers; anonymous acts of kindness and encouragement through th

From Allison Johnson

I am raising money to help cover the ever increasing cost of postage and to purchase more unique material and small gifts to include inside the anonymous cards we mail out

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As a child my parents taught me to give rather than get. My mother always reminded us kids that while we ourselves didn't have much, that there were other who had far less and were in need of a helping hand or kind gesture.

So some 20 years ago my mother created The Mystery Merry Makers within our church family. I remember fondly sitting on the floor cutting letters out of magazines to create the mysterious notes my mother painstakingly glued together. She would sign all notes, cards, and gifts from The Mystery Merry Makers. 

We were essentially performing random acts of kindness throughout our little town. We would keep tabs on the prayer requests coming in from our church, needs from local shelters, or even word of mouth, looking for things that we could do for others. When we found out someone was in need, the whole family jumped into action! 

For example; we had a lovely elderly couple at our church who were suffering from some unfortunate medical issues that were causing difficulties caring for themselves or their home. They had many large oak trees in their front yard and were being harassed by their neighbors to clean up the leaves. One day while the couple was away, my father drove us over to their house and we raked up all their leaves, then hauled them away. We left a note saying they were hit by a RAK Attack! Signed, The Mystery Merry Makers.

We did things like this as often as we could. We would send cards to sick children, the elderly, and sometimes even leaving groceries or meals on the doorsteps of people in need. And we never told anyone who were were. It was the family secret!

Years and years have passed and my Mother still performs her acts of kindness throughout the community through her baking, crafting, and all around amazingness. I want to follow in her footsteps! Over the past few years I have made it a goal to do one selfless act of kindness for another every month. Paying for a tank of gas for someone, buying their coffee, sending them a care package, etc.  Some months I could afford to do more than others. 

But this year... THIS YEAR, I want to think more broadly and send greeting cards with words of encouragement or kindness within them. This month I have sent out 20 cards and 5 care packages to others via the Random Acts of Kindness subreddits on I offer the service of sending a card with a small personalized note from the sender to the person of their choice. I send these anonymously and sign them as my Mother once did. I want to be able to do more! It's just quite difficult to maintain financially, as postage and stock of cards has put my mailings on hold until next month.  

This is why I am fundraising. I want to ensure that I can keep this going for months and years to come! My daughters are also excited to participate and help fill out the cards as requests come in. 

Thank you to anyone who has read this or is thinking of donating. Even if you cannot donate, i challenge you to perform a random act of kindness the next time you go out into the world!

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