My Marathon for Pediatric Pain Warriors

My Marathon for Pediatric Pain Warriors

10/31/2020, 12:00AM
Virtually, Middletown CT 06457

From U.S. Pain Foundation

Pediatric Pain Warriors is a life changing program providing services to support kids living with chronic pain and their families through their journey.

U.S. Pain Foundation



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Kids living with chronic pain conditions endure pain, fatigue, and are faced with overcoming obstacles every day.  Simple tasks such as getting out of bed, showering, making it through an entire school day can all prove challenging.  When they start each day they don’t know if they will be walking, rolling, or using crutches/canes to participate in these routine activities; but they do know they will do the best they can.  Most people take for granted their ability to complete these daily activities.  For our pain warriors it is truly like running a marathon!

The U.S. Pain Foundation is encouraging our pain warriors to get out and move.  By setting My Marathon movement goals, ALL abilities can be included and personal goals can be achieved. 

Because marathons are 26.2 miles, we are asking our pain warriors to do 26 movement activities such as 26 minutes of physical therapy for 26 days, walking/swimming what they are able for 26 days or attending a sport/exercise program for 26 days.  The possibilities are endless.   Each child's chronic pain journey is different, making each child's My Marathon movement goal unique!  

Funds raised for the Pediatric Pain Warrior Program, will help create forums and events including special retreats for our pediatric pain warriors and their families.  The program provides opportunities to  connect and find support as well as cultivate public awareness of chronic pain by sharing stories and information.

"Attending the Pediatric Pain Warrior retreats (San Antonio, Chicago and Virtual)  has given us hope.  It has allowed us to form connections with people who can empathize with our pain because they're going through the same thing.  The program and all it has to offer has made us realize we are not alone."  Reagan and Knox (pediatric pain warriors) Texas

"My favorite thing about being at the retreat in Orlando and Chicago was just being able to participate in activities surrounded by people (other kids) who understand why you might be walking one day and needing a wheelchair the next.  They never question it."  Cameron (pediatric pain warrior) Wisconsin

"My daughter and I are so grateful to have joined the Pediatric Pain Warriors virtual retreat this year.  We have both learned so much from the webinars and have found support through all the different zoom calls they are offering.  We both have made life long friends that are supportive and understanding with what we go through on a daily basis.  We have finally found our "tribe"." Debbie (mother of a pediatric pain warrior) Florida

The My Marathon Fundraiser will kick-off Sept 1 in recognition of National Pain Awareness Month.