My house burned

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Our house burned. Just after Christmas on December 25, the house burned down early in the morning.

This is not how I imagined the first Christmas holiday in general. I was out and my parents and my sister were at home.

Around 1:00 am, a friend from the police called me that our house is burning. I ran home immediately. The first I saw was about 5 firefighting cars, and the flames were burning down from my room window.

I saw my sister, she was in pyjama and barefoot. She told me she had to jump out of the window to save herself. Momentally, she is in the hospital and she has broken two vertebras and a little bit burned palm. 

My dad jumped across the balcony and escaped with his burned ear and breathed enough smoke. He is momentally with me at the grandmother (his parents).

My mom finished worst, got 2nd degree burns on her hands, back and face. Momentally she is in the hospital in the intensive care unit.

I was completely amazed by the fellowship of neighborhood that the next day they all united and began to clean two burnt-up floors. Nothing left, burned to the base.

Only the kitchen is preserved, it is built of stone and the fire did not get there, but was flooded out by the effects of extinguishing.

We are supported by a lot of people, for which we sincerely thank you.

In the last picture my mom from the hospital greets and refers to thanking everyone who helps us, whether financially or materially.

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