Help me find my parents

Help me find my parents

From Beckie Edgecomb

My dad had a stroke on February 22, 2021. My dad has been taken to a facility by my siblings, and they refuse to tell me where he is. I don't know where my mom is either.I need to hire an attorney and a private invest...

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My father has been taken to a facility by my siblings, and they refuse to tell me where he is. I need to hire an attorney and a private investigator to find and protect my parents. My dad had a stroke on February 22, 2021. I found him, and he was so scared. There was so much blood. It looks like he hit his head on that tall headboard, but I wasn't sure what happened. My son was with me.  We called 911.  Dad lives in a rural area, it took a bit to get the emt's to the house. Once they got him stable he was taken to the ER. Dad couldn't speak, or walk or move on his own. He was in pretty rough shape. I followed the ambulance and gave the ER drs my dads medical history and asked what may have caused the stroke. Dad had blood clots in his mouth and down his throat. In the ER they had to use suction to get the clots out of his throat. I was getting them out of his mouth and teeth. I put on a brave face so dad wouldn't be scared. I was screaming and crying on the inside. My dad is my best friend. There's nothing I can't tell him and visa versa. I learned a lot about my dads life as he was growing up. About 6-7hrs later a sibling showed up at the hospital. I was asked to leave. The medical power of attorney lists two names to speak up incase my dad or mom can't. Her name is listed first and I'm listed second.  So basically I'm just someone who has no say concerning my dad or my mom with medical concerns.  Even though I went with them to drs appointments, eye exams, etc. Dad was in the process of changing his will. The Covid pandemic put a major delay on that. Dad was saying he was going to change it all and the hell with them.  He was referring to my siblings. Not one of them offered to help him with anything. He was selling the house I grew up in. Dad rented it out over the years. Renters treat rental properties really bad. (Not all of them) He couldn't do the repairs, so it fell on our shoulders, my son and I. Almost 5 months later it was ready for sale. It just about killed me. I've tried to get dad to spend all the money. He worked hard for it, he should enjoy it. He was worried about me. I told him to go wherever the road takes him and have fun. Mom stopped their traveling days. She freaks out if she doesn't know where she is or doesn't see dad. My mom, she has dementia with hallucinations. She does wander. A few months back, right after a big snowstorm, my dad told her to stay in the house and he would start the tractor to clean off the snow around the house and down the driveway. They have 10 acres around their house. Dad walked in to get a cup of coffee, no mom, she took off. Dad called in what they call an at risk senior missing person's alert. Mom had walked down the long driveway to the highway and was walking in the middle of the highway.  Someone stopped and offered her a ride. Mom said she needed to go to the grocery store to get bread and milk for her mom. Her parents have been gone for almost three decades. I haven't seen or talked to my mom since that day dad had a stroke. My siblings denied me access to my parents house and refuse to let me see my mom or tell me where they took my dad. They took his vehicles from his house and I was told they packed up his house. I have no idea where it all went. I live 25 miles away and I was at my dad's house every other day. When I wasn't there I was talking to him on the phone. My dad and I have a bond that my older siblings don't have with him. They had no clue as to his medical history or his prescriptions. Not one of them knew how to communicate with mom. My dad is alive and I can't find him on my own. I'm disabled and don't have the money it takes to get the courts to grant a guardianship or conservatorship who will make sure everything is for my dad or mom's wellbeing and not lining someone's pockets. Please help me. I don't want my dad scared and alone, or wondering where I am or why I'm not coming to see him. My dads friends are also trying to see him or hear how he is. My siblings are blocking everyone from seeing or talking to my dad. He's a retired policeman, he was in the Army, he worked as a prison guard and  numerous side jobs. Dad did a lot for the people here. Nobody knows where my mom and dad are currently, or if they do, they aren't telling me. Please help me. I don't want my parents to suffer at the hands of my siblings. I don't want to lose my dad or my mom because my siblings got greedy or did it out of spite. I want my dad and my mom to have what they've worked so hard for all those years I don't want either of them to lose it all or be dumped into a bad place. Thank you for reading my listing. I appreciate your time Please stay safe 

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