My Family in Ukraine

My Family in Ukraine

From Philip Fioretti

Our family Dmitriy, Olga, and their two daughters Diana and Margarita from Mariupol, Ukraine were left on the street after their house was struck by Russian shelling. Please support to get them out of this hell.

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  • How do you start your life over when everything was taken away from you by vicious cruel war? A beautiful family of four Dmitriy, Olga and their two amazing talented daughters Diana and Margarita from Mariupol, Ukraine were left on the street after their house was strike by Russian military airplane. The whole building collapsed, likely the family was able to survive while hiding in the bomb-shelter. They lost everything : every possession, every memory, every little thing is gone, burned down and laying somewhere under the rubble. The family was forced to live in severely cold condition, hiding underground with no food, water, heat and communication for a long 6 weeks until it was no more possible to stay and survive in such a brutal conditions they had to make a lifetime decision: to flee the city under any circumstances. Literally under the bullets and bombs, through mined roads and fields the family and their two beloved pets were able finally escape to safety. The experience they survived would never wish to to no one in this world. The graphic pictures of destroyed houses, burned cars and dead bodies including women and children are laying on the streets everywhere. Near 30,000 of peaceful population is dead just in Mariupol alone… 

 Before the war the city of Mariupol will the population of 400,000 was one of the fastest developing areas in Ukraine, with growing economy, busy seaport, new businesses, industrial production, beautiful recreational and sports centres, great educational system and very promising future for the children. Now after over two months of Russian war more than 90 % of the city is gone, burned down and destroyed. 

Dmitriy was a successful hard working engineer employed by Azovstal, the famous steel production plant, one of the biggest in the world, established in 1930 and now became a battlefield of war, completely destroyed by military action. Olga is an amazing mother and a diabetic nurse, was employed at local hospital that no longer exists. Diana is multitalented student and artist who dreamt of becoming an architect and her little sister Margarita an outstanding student and young musician and singer, were left with absolutely nothing. 

Now the family is looking for a place to relocate and start their life from zero ,every single donation will go directly to the victims, for the expenses such as rent, food and clothes. Every donation counts and highly appreciated. Please help this beautiful family and young girls to find hope and start dreaming again.

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