My daughters and I could use your help

My daughters and I could use your help

From Leslie Flores

Hi community, My daughters and I need your help and support. I am experiencing a financial deficit.

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Hi community, My daughters and I could use your help and support. Since the pandemic I haven’t worked. We have been hit this year harder then ever. 

I had two surgeries that nearly took my life. My daughter was diagnosed with ADHD and anxiety. We’ve become homes-less. Before becoming homeless my apartment was invaded and burglarized. It's been a hard year to say the least. 

Although we have been struggling I put my children’s dreams and success before anything. They shouldn’t suffer because of our circumstances, they didn’t ask to be here. So here I am at your mercy, humbling and asking for your help to help my daughters continue pursuing their dreams. I have exceeded my credit card resources trying to maintain our bills and pay for their necessities. My inability to fund them at the moment is putting their dreams on hold, and it isn’t fair to them. 

As a single mom of these two pre teen girls, I’ve exhausted my options. I’ve opened an Etsy store, wrote two books to have some type of revenue and income coming in but to no avail. My daughters are currently home schooled because middle school was a turning point for them both. Being bullied by peers and teachers was unexpected. Being told to commit suicide became too much. Mentally and emotionally became unbearable for them, their grades suffered and protecting my children became priority. 

 I didn’t know/still don’t know how to maintain it all but I am certainly trying, I don’t want to give up and most importantly I don’t want them seeing me give-up although throwing in the towels crosses my mind at times. I wouldn’t want them to give up when things get tough but to push fwd. 

I am asking for financial help to keep pushing and putting them in the spaces and places to get to where they need to be. When I was growing up, nobody pushed me or helped me get anywhere, nobody believed in me nor my dreams. I don’t want that to be their story, and if the only thing that’s stopping them is finance than I’m going to do what needs to be done legally to get them the help they need. They are talented, motivated and ready to continue making the commitment to get them further along. My youngest is currently walking in NYFW which for a preteen that’s a huge deal. Every casting call she has gone to, she’s been chosen to walk. We had to decline two shows due to lack of funds. She has one Fashion show this coming Saturday and if chosen she will also do a Macys runway walk. At this time she is in need of black/white sneakers and a pair of nude shoes. Also, with these shows I need ticket money in order to reserve a seat to watch my daughter walk. 

She’s also in the Mamafoundation program for the arts as she is an inspiring singer. She has been selected to sing in the upcoming George Clooneys Albie Awards on Sept 28, 2023. She may need a dress and her hair done. 

My other daughter is into creating, computer coding, and inventing games that are safe for kids to enjoy, play and learn from. Her favorite games are on Roblox yet not every game is conducive to a child her age. She recently sat on her iPad by accident and now it’s cracked everywhere. I would like to get her into some coding programs for her to exceed and become better at her dreams.

 I am not asking for tens of thousands of dollars, nor am I asking for help to pay my credit card bills, I just would hate for my financial difficulties to get in the way of their dreams. We all deserve a chance and I am praying people understand why as a single parent me supporting their dreams is important. Thank you for reading and your contributions in order for them to continue and further their chances and opportunities to become someone in this world. 

Please help me in making their dreams come true. I will share their progress and where the contributions went towards . PS if youre wondering about my other daughter, she dislikes being on camera and videos. She is a behind the scenes type gal. 

If we get enough donations we will use some of those contributions towards a mini vacation. We haven't been on one this year and we can totally use a mental break and downtime. 

We thank you in advance for your contributions and collaboration because this represents for me and daughters a help for their future. Your generosity means a lot to us. 


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