My Cycling Dream

My Cycling Dream

From Montrell Durham

Coming from a military background being in great physical condition was never really an issue. My goal that I have set for myself is to start cycling on a constant basis and to start racing.

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Have you ever had a dream, something that was so important to you that you were willing to do anything to make it come true? I have a dream just like that and with this campaign I hope readers like you can help me make this dream come alive. For many years now I have struggled with my weight and being out of shape. I have been on numerous diets that have all started well for me but I just cannot maintain them for long periods of time. 

It happens to the best of us, we see progress and sometimes we slack off but never actually get back on track. Road cycling has been an interest of mine for many years now but I never had the opportunity to own a bike in order to ride. Recently I made it a goal of mine to get out there and start exercising at least a few days a week regardless of what it was. I can remember the days when I was young and riding my bike down the street, how good it felt to me and free I was. I want to get that feeling back, so I am reaching out to you and others for a helping hand in this journey of mine. 

My goal that I have set for myself is to start cycling seriously and to enter races at they become available. Right now I ride a mountain bike which does not belong to me but was generously lended to me from time to time. I want something better suited for the things that I want to do. All I am asking if that you see my story and it moves you in a way that you want to help me reach my goal however you can. 

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