MWHS Show Band Donation Campaign

MWHS Show Band Donation Campaign

From Drew Firkins

We are in desperate need of some new band equipment for the show choir program at West. We have the largest show bands we've ever had, and the smallest budget– $0. Can you imagine a show choir without their band?

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We have some of the most talented, if not, THE best, players in the state (see NSBA results from last month) in our band, but unfortunately it is slim pickings on the budget this year due to the two trips combined with inflation, and I was left with a $0 budget for band equipment. We were lucky enough to get a new drum set, along with a couple new keyboard stands and a new sound system case last year, but that’s pretty much all that has been updated since around 2016/2017. I will be transparent and let you know that I really don’t want to ask your kids to sell more things– I’d rather just let you know what our goals are, and see if we can come together to meet this:

Priority ‘A’ items only: $2,387.93

  • This will cover all the items we absolutely need for this year, but nothing beyond that.

Priority ‘A’ & ‘B’ items: $4,129.79

  • This will cover all the items we absolutely need, plus some items that will really help the band stand out this year.

All items on wishlist: $5,547.51

  • This would be everything we could ever dream of! We’ll be floating on Cloud 9 for years to come… (or at the very least, Firkins might be a bit less stressed!). Completely streamlined stage set-up, organization, and an overall more professional sound from the band.

Because I believe in this band so much after just one rehearsal, I will be donating a third of my show band director stipend ($500) directly to this band equipment fund, which means we are already 9% of the way towards our ultimate goal (Yay)! They deserve to have everything they need to be amazing. In the words of our MW band directors… why wait to be good?

I want to thank you in advance if you are able to support this campaign and help us get the kids what they need. Remember a great band benefits the WHOLE PROGRAM, not just the band kids. Let me know if you have any questions about this. We are so excited to share our shows with you all on Monday, Jan. 9th.

Mr. Firkins

Swing Cats Director

Show Band Director

Music Arranger

Millard West High School

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