Mutual aid for Kassandra, a queer, Black, single mother of 4

Mutual aid for Kassandra, a queer, Black, single mother of 4

From Kiki Lucia

Kas has been really struggling w/mental health since leaving an abusive relationship. She hasn’t been able to work regularly, falling behind on bills & into a vicious cycle of stress. Let’s take care of her & her kids!

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Can you help pitch in to let Kassandra know that she is loved and deserves to receive care? Will you help support her well being and that of her 4 children?

The past year has been really rough as she’s tried to break free of an abusive relationship. Now that she finally has her own apartment, she still lives in fear of losing that bit of safety for her and her kids because she hasn’t been able to work regularly. Her mental healths struggles (most especially debilitating panic attacks) often keep her from being able to go into work. She worries about losing her teaching jobs because they haven’t shown any concern or compassion in regards to her well being. She continues to work as a shopper/delivery driver when she’s able but it’s not nearly enough to make ends meet.

Kas has fallen into a vicious cycle of mental and physical health issues keeping her from working regularly, stressing about money, mental health deteriorating further, not being able to work, and so on. All while trying to heal from the devastating effects of abuse (which is what got her in this position to begin with).

She has also been isolated and doesn’t have much of her support network. Will you step in and help support her and her kids at this critical time? 

Kassandra is my most Beloved chosen family and I’ve known her and her huge, gorgeous heart since 7th grade. She has helped keep me alive and loved and supported throughout the years…and now it is her turn to be taken care of!

Here is a breakdown of costs I’d like to have covered for her—hopefully at least 3 months of rent, bills, and a little debt taken care of:

$3,915 rent and heat ($1,305 x 3 months)

$330 utilities 

$1,800 gas and groceries

$ 698.50 car title, registration, tabs, insurance 

$661.50  phone and wifi ($180 x 3 months, plus $121.50 previously owed)

$840 therapy 

$400 to pay off a little debt

$235 unexpected costs, a little extra breathing room, fun with the kids, entertainment, etc.

$8,880 goal total ✨✨✨

Anything above our goal will greatly improve Kassandra’s quality of life, as well as that of her kids. 

From the bottom of our hearts, thank you SO much!! We are so very grateful for your generosity—whether that be financial, spreading the word, or both! (Please do share this link on social media and through email with a personal ask, sending to anyone who might have disposable income.) Thank you, thank you, thank you!!! 

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