The Music Studio Fund

The Music Studio Fund

From Isaiah Reason

We are raising money to open a local recording studio. Music is the world here at Music Box Productions and we will provide an exceptional facility to our guests. The money will be used to support our local artists!

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We are group of passionate producers that intend on giving as many artists as possible, the chance and opportunity to share their music with the world. With today's technology this can be done more affordably than ever before. The need for major record labels is long gone. As long as we can provide an incredible recording space, and do it at an affordable rate, the artists will thrive. This will provide so many more than before with an opportunity to share their authenticity with the world. We all live and grow everyday, but many people never get to share their perspective with the world. We intend to change that. This campaign will provide the money to build the space. This will allow us to record and promote the artists without having them pay for that expense. I will also be offering free weekly classes for aspiring artists, to learn how to use modern techniques in the recording arts, to better their artistic reach and skill. 

These classes will include, but are not limited to, topics such as:

1-Analog and Digital Recording methods/techniques; 

2-Vocal Performance Classes; 

3-Modern Production Types; 

4-Problems and Solutions for the Modern Musician; 

5-Expanding Your Production Knowledge;

6-Why Theory is Important;

7-What does a Vocal Producer Do?;

8-When Should I Feel a Piece is Finished?;

9-Post-Production Intro; 

10-Post-Production for the Home Studio; 

11-Paid Post-Production, Why it Matters;  

12-Production Styles;

13-Tricks to Recording Anything;

14-Dealing with the Money;

15-Growing your Public Impact;

For the community, this is everything. The more that the community can support the art, the more the art will prosper and give artists a chance to live and grow within it. 

"Back in the day" people would rescue aspiring artists and shelter them, feed them (think Bach, Brahms, Beethoven) for the greater good and betterment of the arts. Some of these artists became the most revered in history. 

Today this is not the case. Our world is full of artists. Most of which have no idea where to begin. We will change that. 

Understanding that there is nothing in the world that doesn't attribute some of its success to the artistic world is the first step. 

Anything that anyone sees or hears, is the direct result of one or many artists working together to give us something memorable, no matter the outlet. 

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