Music Education/ Music Therapy Dream

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Music Education/ Music Therapy Dream

From Elaine Sanchez

I want to keep pursuing my education, although it can be expensive I truly would appreciate any help that comes my way!

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Hi all, first I know what you see up there is a lot of money. Believe me it is for me as well. My name is Elaine Sanchez and I'm here today because I want to keep pursuing my education involving my dream which is becoming a Music Therapist or a Music Teacher.

I've been dedicating my life to performing and singing from as long as I can remember and I'm honored to say that I have such a passion for what I do, which gives me the ability to discover new horizons as I want to continue finding different areas in music that I can improve. I am the type of person to work hard for what I want to achieve and i don't usually do these types of things because I get afraid of the outcome but today I decided to take a step forward to try and share with you all that I truly want to see what's beyond my limits.

I didn't have a father to provide for me, which leaves my mom and my three brothers trying to survive for a cause in life. I come from a hispanic household where things are usually the way we want them but we try to sustain ourselves as much as we can since we don't really have much family here that can help us. But despite those difficulties, we have found a way to keep our heads held high by moving forward.

And although I didn't choose this life, this life chose me and I am more than glad that I can be here writing these words for the world to see. I'm not good at expressing myself sometimes but I want to make that decision of attending Montclair University, however, I don't have the financial support for the expenses, and i know how it can be since education it's so expensive, but I won't give up and certainly I won't give up on my dreams. I am here to tell you that I truly will be so grateful for anything that comes my way. It will also be such a blessing  that I wouldn't find the words to just say thank you so much! I'm not expecting a million dollars neither I will force anyone to do this but I do want to keep myself motivated  as well as keeping my dreams and goals alive and I want you to become part of it. 

Thank you<3


Elaine :)

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