UT Sr/New momma's bad day stole her 22' grad.plans& car away

UT Sr/New momma's bad day stole her 22' grad.plans& car away

From Allegra Crosby-Laramie

Please watch the video/ read below for details but one horrendous day thanks to misinformation given to me by my school+ a crooked towing company has completely turned our lives upside down right before Kai's 1st bday

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Wow I had one very bad day that basically ripped my entire life out from under me. Murphy’s Law is the only explanation. To start off, i received notice that financial aid "overpaid" $810 and has to have it paid back before they'll process any more aid, which gave me all of 20 days to figure it out before I need financial aid to process to pay for next semester's tuition. What happened was I changed my schedule from 12 to 9 credits over the summer because when I received my syllabuses I immediately knew that it was unmanageable, especially with a >1 year old and with the added piece of finally completing my real estate license courses and needing time to train and launch my apartment locator job. (I just finished training last week! Financial stability is so close, but no commission until 4-6 weeks after I start taking people on tours and I need my car-more on that in a minute- and getting leases signed. After all this I feel like Im going to lose everything just before Im able to get there) Before I dropped anything I asked to make sure I wouldnt mess something up and was told 9 was full time and thats what I needed to stay over. Obviously that was bad info, but I dont blame them financial aid seems so confusing and this isnt the first time I've had a problem because of it. I'm a Senior, I am so close. I should be graduating by next summer and this is my SEVENTH year in college after going part time for many years while I managed a business until I transferred out of community  college to UT and needed to focus on it full time to succeed. I am so ready to be done, and my little family has made huge sacrifices financially so I can work and I need to be done so I can start my career. To take a semester off or worse, lose it all together, would be absolutely devastating...

Ro make matters worse, the day I got the notice about tuition my car got towed from a residential street off Braker Ln-nowhere near downtown or anywhere you'd know to be extra cautious- in an area that had no tow-away zone or no parking signs. It definitely appears to be an Illegal town but I couldn’t get a hearing with the justice of the peace until August 17. Everyone I’ve reached out to for advice (APD, TDLR & the JP) I’ve told me I must get my car out now incase I lose so I dont run the risk of having a bill so high that I cant addorf it cause my car will get auctioned off after 31 days. All I can hope for is reimbursement later but I simply didn’t have the money when it was towed and I have done everything I could every day to try and get it out and have sold everything I could let go of but I also need my car to work both my jobs (gig work and apartment locating) so I basically hit a standstill and I’m stranded in the suburbs unable to make money and now its accumulated to over $500. I just financed the car less than 2 months ago so I could get to my classes and transport my son to my mom's place and back around my schedule since we’re returning to class next semester. We have my partner's car but like some sort of cruel joke, we have got 2 flat tires that weren't able to be patched up in the short time my car has been gone. We've quickly begun to fall behind on our bills with only one income and the further behind we get, the less likely we're going to be able to get ourselves out. 

I hate that this is the point I've gotten to, having to put all this out there and ask for help, but its too much to handle on our own. Its Kai's 1st birthday on the 8/5 and covid took away so much from his first year, I really wanted to do up his birthday but that seems impossible now. So anything anyone can do to help us out, please know it is so deeply appreciated and I am forever indebted to your kindness! 

[I attached photos of my UT balance and of my town hearing, so if you don't know me personally you can have confidence that my story is real and I'm not just trying to get money for no good reason!) 

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