Characters 4 Christmas | Mr. Merman Meets (Books/TV Series)

Characters 4 Christmas | Mr. Merman Meets (Books/TV Series)

From Jason Clark

We're raising $ for a 23 part children's adventure book & TV series called 'Mr. Merman Meets'. The purpose of this project is to help children understand themselves better. Donate to help us out!

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Plain and simple....CHILDREN NEED TO FEEL UNDERSTOOD! They need to be seen for who they are and NOT put into a box by society. I am writing a children's book series that will help children know that they are SEEN, HEARD, and are UNDERSTOOD! Vulnerability is EVERYTHING to a child. They trust and love with reckless abandon and then adults and life try to tell them they are wrong for being who they are and for feeling what they feel. In the end, children lose that vulnerability and it take years of therapy and hurt to reconnect with who they once were (if they are lucky)! HELP ME HELP CHILDREN FIND THEMSELVES! 

See below for why this is so important to me and who is behind this CRUCIAL project! 

Characters & Crafts For Christmas 

Let’s get real. You’re not very good at giving Christmas gifts. Unless you are, which in that case please send me a message so you can help grow TYP with our dream team of remarkable and thoughtful great gift givers. 

Ash, Faith, & I want to help. 

We want to help you win Christmas. 

But you’ll have to trust us and it’s not gonna be cheap but good golly holly jolly it will be meaningful and something that the receiver will remember for the rest of their life (and we guarantee it will never get etched off their tops gift list). 

So I was born to write and create content that helps people feel seen & appreciated. I love creating content that helps people feel understood. I love lighting people’s souls up by sharing how I truly see them and their gifts. I love the underdog. I love the misunderstood. I love the meek, the humble, the poor. One of my superpowers (God given gifts) is seeing & feeling people through Heaven’s eyes. My number one passion is helping them really see and feel who they truly are inside. It’s why I love doing legend of the week posts. My dream life would be to travel with my kids all over the world and just write about people like Gary “The Legend” (the night shift fuel pump guy from Smith’s in Kaysville, Utah who paid for my gas with his own card because he felt like it was the right thing to do). 

Ash loves to design things & illustrate. It’s her number one passion. Truly the greatest illustrator and designer living in the state of Utah. Definitely the most underrated, which I’m grateful for because I somehow got lucky enough to have her accept my 11.5% offer to illustrate my Mr. Merman Meets Children’s Adventure Book Series (and someday TV series & Movie). Be ready Anne True & Shaelyght. 

And Faith! Faith loves to create & build art. She is the most gifted artist I know. Her pottery is like no pottery I’ve seen or held. I feel such good energy every time I hold her pottery. You can literally feel faith’s heart in every piece of art she creates and if you know Faith, and/or her heart, then you know there is nobody’s that is better. Nobody’s. Okay...Jesus, then Faith. 

Cool story, Jason. Why do you and Faith matter with this Characters For Christmas campaign? 

Because not everyone is going to connect with our Mr. Merman Meets Book and getting a character of themselves or for any of their people designed and created by Illustrator Ash doesn’t move the needle enough to drop a couple hundred bucks for a present. 

So I’ve decided to create a few other options in hopes that we can get as many people to reach into their bank accounts and credit cards to help us raise enough money for us to get this Children’s book series & many books Jason is working on that the world needs off ff the ground. If you want to see a list of books Jason has been working on little by little for years click here. 

By donating to this Fundly campaign you are helping three people share their gifts with a world that is in desperate night of light. 

And let’s be honest, Jason in a cubicle is like trying to put a lion in a birdcage. At a minimum throw in a few dollars to save some boring tech office full of money loving monkeys not have to deal with this fearless & defiant ape who really is kinda sick of the world and their stupid rules and games and is not afraid to stand up & fight any animal who’s actions are actually hurting all the other animals of the pride that he has been called to lead and fight for. Pride rock is dark y’all. It is. We need people who will create & share light. It’s time to come of out Hakuna Matata land, y’all. It’s time to start worrying a little more for the rest of our days with what is happening to our families. We are in a war against virtual reality. Things that look real and that even feel right in so many cases aren’t real.We are in a war against Mr. Beast (that's what we're going to try to help kids see and feel with this book because we believe kids who understand who they are will have a better grasp on deciphering things that are real and things that aren't real (virtual in most cases). 

And I’m not meaning to take a giant poop on Mr. Beast. That dude is a good guy. He has light. 

It’s the people running him. They have got our kids addicted and believing that they can become "Santa Clause". 

When young kids are having to ask their parents what 69 means because Mr. Beast and his friends keep laughing about it every time it comes up... yeah we're in war y'all and i'm shocked at how many parents & people are distracted and/or asleep to what's happening to their children. 

Unfortunately messed with the wrong dad. They messed with a dad who isn't scared of the dark. They messed with a dad who misses his kids a dad who might see things and feel things that not every dad or mom sees and might feel called to create content & media that will help protect the children. It's going to be done through media and this book & eventually TV series will be where I'm starting and from here I see the day when we can develop apps on helping kids understand their personality so that when it comes time to leave the nest and fly away they are prepared and have a clear direction on who they are and what they want to do or feel called to accomplish to help bring the light back to this world that is currently getting beat by the dar. 

This dad wants to help raise your children and it will be through these books, youtube channels, tv series, movies, music, apps, and so much more. I have a gift with children & youth and by helping me with this first project (Mr. Merman Meets) you're helping give me a jump start to accomplish the "impossible".  

It’s time for us to unite and start helping protect the children from what they are all getting addicted to and believing is real that WE the “adults” are 100% responsible for. 

If you want to help protect our children I'd invite you to start by donating to what our team of difference makers are creating, writing, and building with these books & other ventures. 

We'd seriously appreciate any donation you give and if you want to give more or a different amount than there is an option to give please send an email to or Also works and works as well. 

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