Moxley's House Fire Restoration

Moxley's House Fire Restoration

From Lisa Burns

The Moxley's relocated across the country at the end of 2020 after job loss and a new job opportunity. After their third baby was born in Jan., they finally settled into a new home, only to lose it weeks later in a fire.

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We all know that 2020 was a hard year for many. For the Moxley's, it meant the need to change careers after job losses in the spring and struggling to find a new job over the summer. They decided the best option was for Aaron to return to the military as an officer, requiring a hurried relocation from North Carolina to Colorado. Due to the nature of their move and financial constraints, the family significantly pared down their belongings to what would fit in their vehicle to take across country. They took what was most valuable and important to them, planning to replace everything else once settled in Colorado. 

In January, little baby Teddy was born and the Moxleys began their new life as a family of five. In the midst of caring for her two older sons and a newborn, Sarah began the process of lovingly and creatively putting together their new home. Walls were painted. Beautiful linens and rugs selected. Rooms were organized and decorated. 

Then barely a month and a half into the new year, the Moxley's house caught on fire in the middle of the night. Thankfully, Sarah was up with Teddy and heard a strange sound. The fire originated in the attic from faulty wiring. Aaron and Sarah were able to get everyone out of the house, however, of course, most of their belongings were lost in the fire. 

The Moxleys are a dear, kind family who have been through so much in the past year-- job struggles, a cross-country move, a difficult pregnancy, leaving friends and beginning the process of finding new community, and now a house fire and a long-term hotel stay with three young kids in the Colorado winter. 

We (a handful of Sarah's close friends) are setting up this donation site to help provide the Moxley's with the money they will need to once again buy furniture, mattresses, rugs, clothing, sheets, and all the other items that quickly add up. We all appreciate any help you can give, from your prayers to small or big donations.

Thank you so much for helping to care for this sweet family during this hard time!

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